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Web Design Trends to Consider In 2015

Website Design - 31 Jan 2015

Web Design Trends to Consider In 2015

Video As A Background

Keeping abreast of the latest and greatest web design techniques will most certainly help online businesses get the most out of their presence on the Internet. Web design in 2015 presents a different landscape than in years past.

Here are a few Web design trends that many e-commerce businesses will want to incorporate:

Using Video as a Background

Creating an incredible visual impact, such as incorporating the use of a video as a background is a great way to catch consumer attention. Most people will gravitate towards watching an eye-catching video over reading plaintext on a website. If the content quality of the video is high end, consumers may even be captivated enough to watch and listen to the business’ “story” from the beginning straight through to the end.

Effective Use of Web Typography

web typography

With the constant rise of mobile device use in the market, Web designers need to pay special attention to how they use web typography. These days, website material is more often than not viewed on a mobile platform, such as a smart phone or tablet. The “in the hand” devices all come with varying screen sizes and resolutions which can pose design challenges for even the most tech savvy of Web designers. Careful choices of typography will keep your content clear no matter the screen size.

Incorporating Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling

There are a few benefits to adding parallax scrolling to a website such as engaging the attention of site visitors, adding interactivity resulting in enhanced user interest and faster site use with scrolling rather than page loading. This trend in design is great for companies who wish to have their business story conveyed to their customers in a unique eye catching way.

Less Use of Web Coding

Back in the day, Web development relied heavily on Web designers to flex their coding muscles in order to produce the right “fit” for a website. Nowadays, the digital design market enables designers to create sophisticated, head of the class websites, sometimes without lifting a finger for coding.

It will be very interesting to see whether or not these and other web design trends carry through to the following year. Like much in the technology world, trying, testing and implementing will essentially be a determining factor in whether or not these 2015 Web design trends stick around, or disappear to be replaced by even newer innovations.

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