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Website Design Ideas To Get Inspired

Website Design - 26 Jun 2019

Website Design Ideas To Get Inspired

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Coming up with an excellent website design can be difficult.When you can’t get the creative juices flowing on demand, it’s easy to feel stuck and become frustrated.

It’s easy to get a little snobby about trends in creative disciplines. Although there is a genuine technical overhead to consider when designing a website, sometimes the biggest problem is one of motivation. How do you know what design trends are already showing their age? How can you tell if your site is looking stale? How can you make your website look better and provide the experience your users expect?

In the following hacks, are actionable tips to start thinking out the box and out of the creative block.

1. Focus on the Structure First

Just like making a plan, focusing on your website’s structure first helps you step away from the process and get more of a bird’s eye view.

It can help to work with a different medium than your computer. For instance, by making sketches on paper with a single pen, you can forget about colours and other details for a minute. If you are using flipcharts or a whiteboard, you can even make the entire thing collaborative.

2. Visual takes the lead:

One of the more interesting challenges we’ve witnessed in the world of marketing digital products is the image selection. I’ve watched whole design teams mull over the debate, usually ending up in one of two places:

  • Product UI shots and GIFs

Emphasizes the in-product experience, features, and functionality.

  • Editorial/lifestyle photography

Highlight the product’s human dimension: the effect it has on people’s lives.

But nowadays, we’re seeing, and will continue to see, that the work of illustrators wins an all-new prominence in both marketing and product design.

3. Focus on Minimalism and CTA buttons

When you know the purpose of your site and pages, this also allows you to get rid of everything that doesn’t serve that purpose. This streamlines your design and makes it more attractive to look at.

Google has found that visual complexity is negatively correlated with website appeal. Meaning that people don’t want to be overwhelmed! Simplifying your design helps for other factors, like your website speed.

Here are a few things you can definitely eliminate:

  • Menu items: Sure, you want others to explore more of your site. However, an overloaded menu can be super complicated and have adverse effects. Again, stick with the essentials!
  • Sidebars: More and more websites are phasing out the sidebar. What do you have in your sidebar? Is that really important? Do you really need it?
  • Complex writing: The same thing that goes for stock photos goes for language. Overused phrases, clichés, and empty words make people tune out. Stop using them; insert some personality in your writing!

As you know, a website that is unattractive or poorly constructed harms your business more than helps it. Stay up-to-date on industry trends and get help from an expert team to create the best website design for your business.

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