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What Makes Drupal “the Best Choice” for Web Development?

Web Development - 25 Oct 2013

What Makes Drupal “the Best Choice” for Web Development?

If you are considering getting a business website that is fully functional and robust, then Drupal is arguably the first name that will pop in your mind. So, what makes Drupal so special that web developers and marketers simply swear by it? Even the top bosses in the White House chose to use Drupal to create the most important website ever, The likes of World Economic Forum, and Stanford University are also some popular examples of Drupal websites.


It is a free, open source web development platform that helps to create user communities as well as robust websites. Ever since its introduction some 10 years ago to the digital world, it has been used prolifically as the top choice open source software. It is absolutely free software to download and edit. One does not have to acquire its license or purchase it.

Extensible Architecture

Drupal has a database-backed web platform that offers a variety of file maintenance options. It ensures that your website is completely secure. The extensible architecture helps you add many website features and functionalities that enhance the user experience on the website.

Customizable Themes

There are different heart-warming themes offered by Drupal that are also described in standard CSS. The Drupal website offers hundreds of themes are completely customizable and can be edited to create beautiful website designs. There are also many base themes that give a beautiful design to your website and help you launch the website design easily. So, the power is in your hands to use the themes as per your need.

Give Wings to your Content

Your content is hosted and promoted by Drupal at all levels. Not just on your website, but even on the best social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, it helps to promote your content. Drupal is a search engine-friendly web platform that has multiple built-in features that makes it easier for the likes of Google to easily index the site and rank it high.

The ‘Social’ Factor

One can assign different permission levels for different users. Each user has the choice to either log in and browse the website as an authenticated user or simply browse the website as a visitor. The multi-user system helps to users in the way they want. The access levels of the users can also be controlled easily giving a flexible social experience on the website.

Highly scalable

A website of the reputation of White House is skillful and easily handled by Drupal. Similarly, websites with over a million pages is a cake walk for the web platform. Its core installation is easy to process and handled most of the user cases. There are also free optimization tools along with the help of Drupal administrators that help to extent the website as per your requirement.

Highly Trusted

It is one of the most trusted web development platforms that are used by various governments and major corporations of the world. However, it is also used by small companies and businesses who want to use the efficiency and security of Drupal to work for them.

Secure Websites Guaranteed!

The security offered by Drupal is among the top reasons for its prolific use by some of the top businesses and governments around the world. Drupal website also protects against the most common security vulnerabilities.

Drupal remains as the most preferred choice for web development by many corporate big wigs and industrial giants. It has grown in the last 10 years as one of the biggest and trusted names in web development and gives you the power to take your website to a completely new level.

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