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What Makes Web Content Worth It?

Search Engine Optimization - 17 May 2013

What Makes Web Content Worth It?

Many self-proclaimed SEO experts will tell you that a Java script or a call to action will get you the results that you have been looking for from your website. But, that’s not the case! As the biggest and richest media company in the world, Google points out, there is nothing more important than quality web content to get you the top search engine slot.

The major difference between a high ranking and low ranking website is – content. With so many website owners going the SEO-friendly way, they tend to forget the importance of rich and quality content. The latter loses a lonesome battle to the chic banners and flash-based designs that ultimately result in the high bounce rates on the websites. Any visitor on your site leaves immediately on finding some verbage (verbiage + garbage) being posted in the name of web content. Therefore, it is the written text that counts more than just the images.


For a website to become Google-friendly, it is imperative to have good content. Written text on the website needs to be informative, well structured, simple to comprehend and free of glitches to make an impression on the readers’ minds. There are several aspects of good writing that need to be kept in mind while drafting online content for a website, such as:

Spelling and Grammar

A good website will have the least spelling errors and grammar mistakes. Remember that Google not only wants informative content, it also wants content that makes sense. Always spell check and do a double of grammar check for your website content.

Paragraphs and Sentence Structure

The paragraphs need to be short (1-4 lines) and the sentences need to be short, crisp with minimum use of medium or long sentences.


An optimized website content that is woven around the all-important keywords along with the LSI keywords (synonyms or similar keywords) is better than a bland piece of writing. Ultimately, we need the search engine crawlers to easily index our pages.

Frequent Updates

The best part about website content is that it should be dynamic. Frequently updated website content has a better chance of ranking high on the search engines, than sedentary and dormant web content.

Lastly, it is advisable to hire a professional web content writer to provide you good quality content at most times. If a business owner writes his own content, then the use of a proficient copywriter is equally important.

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