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When Less is More: The Benefits of Focusing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing - 28 Oct 2021

When Less is More: The Benefits of Focusing Your Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy

So, you have an amazing product or service, and you want everyone to know about it. You start up a blog, a YouTube channel, post to Insta, and send out a regular email newsletter. Shout it from the rooftops, right? Aren’t marketers always stressing the importance of getting your brand out there?

Years ago, content marketing was a niche; today, everyone and their grandmother has a blog or social media platform peddling their knit socks or gardening tips. Successful content marketing is challenging in the current environment because intensified competition makes it much more difficult to get noticed. The problem is, more competition also means that a bespoke content marketing strategy is more important than ever, so how do you win?

The answer for many businesses has been to expand their content marketing. Throw enough mud around, and something is sure to stick.

Focusing on your content marketing isn’t a bad idea; in fact, it’s probably central to your business’ long-term success. However, spreading your content too thin, trying to cover all the bases, is a major problem, and it could be slowly killing your content marketing strategy. When your content marketing is pulling you in too many directions, you wind up being not very good in any of them.

Start with One Channel and Strive to Be the Best

Rather than attempting to be a Jack-of-all-trades (and master of none), businesses should identify the single marketing channel that makes the most sense and develop a content marketing strategy tailored to that platform.

The first step is to identify your target audience (hint, your target audience probably isn’t all humans). Target too broad an audience, and you’re likely to wind up not appealing to most of them; focus too narrowly, and you’re losing out on potential customers.

Next, you need to find a way to appeal to this audience. We’ve already covered the fact that there is a lot of content out there right now, so publishing more of the same isn’t likely to get you noticed. Instead, look for what the industry refers to as the content tilt – a topic or area related to your business that has minimal competition. Offering readers a new perspective or something else of value is the only way to be heard above all the noise.

Once you have identified the right audience and developed a unique way to approach your content, you can work on choosing the content type best suited to your target audience, expertise, and skill set. Not everyone is a writer, and not all audiences want to read. Your content marketing can focus on text, audio, or visual marketing; what’s important at this point is to pick one.

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Finally, decide which primary delivery platform you want to use to distribute your content. This could be video tutorials on YouTube, a daily or weekly website blog, or using images to tell a story on Instagram.

You can (and should!) work on diversifying your content marketing strategy later, but the first step is to develop your core audience.

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Win Over Your Audience with Quality, not Quantity

There is so much content on the web right now, and unfortunately, most of it is terrible. And as everyone focuses on pumping out more content as fast as it can be created, in the fight for clicks, that pile of horrendous content just continues to grow.

It’s not that businesses don’t care; no one wants to invest in a content marketing strategy that is doomed to fail. Rather it is a consequence of the misplaced belief that simply posting something, anything, frequently enough will get you the results you want. It won’t.

Audiences are inundated day in and day out with swarms of useless, pointless content. And they have no patience for it. This may feel like a hopeless scenario; how do you create content that appeals to an audience sick of reading terrible blog posts. However, it actually creates opportunity – if you know how to exploit it.

In a race to the bottom, producing exceptional content is the best way to build your audience and grow your business.

Every post, every blog, every piece of content you publish should be the best you can possibly produce. Clearly, creating exceptional content comes at a cost. That’s why there is so much bad content out there. However, business owners need to focus their content marketing strategy on producing quality over quality.

Whether your content is produced in-house or outsourced, it costs more, either more money or more time, to create great content. But this isn’t an excuse to deliver subpar work. Instead, work on consistently producing well-written, engaging, insightful content, even if that means taking your daily posts down to weekly posts.

Consistency and quality will win over more readers than relentlessly churning out a stream of waste.

If your content isn’t striking the right chord with your audience, the content marketing team at Nirvana can help create a plan that hits all the right notes.


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