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Which E-Commerce Solution is the Best? Shopify Vs WooCommerce

E-commerce - 4 Jan 2018

Which E-Commerce Solution is the Best? Shopify Vs WooCommerce


With so many e-Commerce software platforms available to choose from, it can be quite the challenge to narrow down which e-commerce solution is the best choice for your company.

Two popular e-Commerce platforms used by businesses around the world are Shopify and WooCommerce, and while both platforms are very capable of supporting e-commerce sites ranging from simple to complex, they each have very different features that make them stand apart from oneanother.

Here is a breakdown of features of Shopify Vs Woocommerce:


• Over 100 attractive and professional looking themes available to choose from.To give site visitors the impression that you are a trustworthy, established business, with which they can trust doing business, you need to have a professional looking e-Commerce website.

• Highly flexible and feature extensible. Running an effective online business that meets the needs of your business and your customers is essential, and that is why many businesses and marketers alike have selected Shopify as the foundation for their company website. Shopify is highly flexible and extensible, as additional features/capabilities can be added via integrated apps.

• Utilizes SEO best practices. Having a website that people are able to locate on the Internet is crucial to your e-commerce business success, and fortunately Shopify uses SEO best practices with titles, meta-tags, and headings.


• Mobile friendly design. In an era where most people are utilizing handheld devices to access information and purchase items you will want your e-Commerce solution to be mobile friendly. Using WooCommerce for your online shop provides an easy way for buyers to purchase your items.

• Geo-location support. WooCommerce comes equipped with geo-location support which means your online store can locate where your customers are and apply applicable shipping and tax calculations accordingly.

• Coupon and discount creation. Digital storefronts need to offer incentives for buyers to complete purchases, or become returning customers, and one of the best ways to do this is by offering coupons or discounts on some of your products, or subsequent orders.WooCommerce has a coupon and discount feature which can be applied to a single item, or several.

There are a number of other features to both of these e-Commerce solutions and when it comes to comparing Shopify Vs WooCommerce, it’s important to look at the features of each software platform before choosing the best one to meet your online business needs. It can be helpful to talk to a professional developer who can recommend what will best meet your needs, as well as help you build a professional, feature-rich website.

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