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Who Scored a Touchdown with This Year’s Best and Worst Super Bowl 50 Commercials?

Super Bowl 50 - 8 Feb 2016

Who Scored a Touchdown with This Year’s Best and Worst Super Bowl 50 Commercials?

We all love the game, watched it without missing a moment, enjoyed the halftime show and, of course, the best plays and most exciting scoring moments. And then there were the ads… Superbowl2016 advertisers offered the good, the bad and the truly odd.

While the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers battled for the Vince Lombardi trophy and of course, the championship at this year’s Super Bowl, there was another contest of sorts in the midst of the most popular national game. This Sunday saw some electrifying performance both on the field and off the field with some really interesting and innovative advertising moments on national TV. While some ads were purely surprising and even shocking to some viewers!

To warm it up a bit, you loved the Mountain Dew Puppy Monkey Baby commercial, right? Then the Intuit commercial content winner, Death Wish Coffee was a visual epic this season and so was the “ultrasound” Doritos ad. There were quite a few that delighted, amused and some even touched the audiences throughout the Super Bowl 50 show on CBS!

With Super Bowl 50 being broadcast internationally, as far away as Australia, with massive viewership in many countries, the reason for the focus on making memorable ads is quite obvious! This year, it was no different, with some breathtaking debuts on Super Bowl commercials with the likes of Hyundai, who created four separate ads, and Mobile Strike packing a punch, along with some funny ads, such as Shock Top Wheat Beer’s clever spot, with TJ Miller verbally sparring with a cheeky beer tap and the Coca-Cola ad featuring Ant-man stealing a mini Coke from the Incredible Hulk.

Before the announcements, here is a piece of news worth noticing – Super Bowl 50 surpassed more than 111.9 million viewers and became the third most-watched program in U.S. television history (Nielsen ratings). I guess all of those advertising dollars were well spent, right?

Now the winners and the losers…

Worst 3 Super Bowl 50 Ads

#3 Hyundai: The Chase

A nice ad, but the bears were a disappointment, especially the talking bears. In comparison to the “Hyundai First Date” commercial, this fell flat!

#2 Doritos: Doritos Dogs

Creativity went for a toss with this ad! Yawn….

#1 Heinz: Meet the Ketchups

The dogs were cute, but the ad was rather silly. From the hotdogs to the condiments, nothing shown in the ad was real food! We love their mustard and ketchup, but not their ad!

Top 3 Super Bowl 50 Ads

#3 Audi R8: Commander

The older man and his young astronaut self was a nostalgia ad – always popular. A clear winner, enough said!

#2 Mountain Dew – PuppyMonkeyBaby

This ad lands at number 2 because it is so bizarre! But we love the commercial anyway. It clearly broke the mold, and yes, delighted and disgusted many of us! A really funny video for the “What Was That?” category.


Avocados from Mexico

I loved it! Probably, there were many of us who loved it! Earthling cultural icons, the aliens and a delicious bowl of guacamole made with Avocados from Mexico! This is a delightful ad that has the Cube of Rubik, a tour guide showing a 21st century commercial airliner “torture chamber”, and Scott Baio, just because! It is funny, original and thoroughly enjoyable.

Kudos! The Clear Winner, right!

While we love the Super Bowl ads each year, we hope we don’t have to wait until the next season unfolds. Perhaps advertisers will be inspired to create more funny and unique ways of selling in the meantime!

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