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Why A Shopify Ecommerce Store Just Makes Sense

Shopify - 13 Apr 2022

Why A Shopify Ecommerce Store Just Makes Sense

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It has never been easier to launch or expand a business online. Gone are the days when you needed a physical location to run a successful retail operation. Today, all you need is a good idea, a great product, and a website.

The e-commerce economy has exploded over the past two years. By some estimates, the pandemic advanced e-commerce by as much as ten years in a few short months. Rather than acting as a complement to a bricks-and-mortar location, e-commerce shops have become the primary source of revenue for many businesses, and this trend is expected to continue.

Global e-commerce sales are projected to top US$5.5 billion in 2022, and for businesses looking to get in on some of that action, an e-commerce website is a must. Not just any website, online shoppers have high expectations and businesses have a very short window to make a good first impression.

What Elements are the Must-Haves for a Successful Ecommerce Website?

Creating a successful online shop isn’t difficult, however, several key features need to be incorporated into the development and design and they include;

• Mobile responsiveness
• User-friendly navigation
• Robust security
• Multiple payment options
• Straightforward checkout process
• High-quality visuals and video

When you’re just starting with your e-commerce site, the prospect of incorporating all these features may seem daunting so where do you begin?

Why More Business Owners Are Turning to Shopify for Their Ecommerce Websites

You don’t have to choose Shopify for your e-commerce site. There are several other popular options available on the market. With that said, however, only a few can match the simplicity, support, and out-of-the-box functionality of a Shopify website.

What are the main advantages of a Shopify Website?

Setting Up a Shopify Ecommerce Site is Lightning Fast

While not quite magic, a Shopify e-commerce site is the next best thing. Unlike other platforms, Shopify was designed to be used by those with little to no tech experience. Setting up an e-commerce shop through Shopify can be done in about 15 minutes. The remaining time will be spent preparing your products, content, and copy.

If you find yourself struggling at any stage of the process, the internet is full of valuable resources, tutorials, and videos on setting up your Shopify store. There are also web developers that specialize in developing Shopify websites. These independent developers combine professional experience with Shopify’s intuitive tools to create professional, polished-looking websites, complete with content, copy, custom design, and fully optimized for SEO.

Shopify Is Made for Mobile

Your e-commerce website needs to function as seamlessly on mobile and handheld devices as it does from a desktop. By the end of 2022, nearly 73% of e-commerce transactions will originate from mobile devices. Aside from the fact that poor user experience will send users away in droves, lack of mobile responsiveness will tank your Google ranking and make your SEO ambitions virtually impossible to reach.

If there was ever any doubt, this figure should confirm what web developers have been saying for years- you cannot operate an e-commerce site that isn’t mobile responsive. The Shopify platform was designed with mobile users in mind which takes the guesswork out of ensuring the responsiveness of your website.

Shopify Sites are Highly Secure

Security is a big deal for consumers buying online, with 81% saying they would quit a brand that had been the victim of a data breach. And the obstacles surrounding effective cyber security are only getting more complex as online threats continue to evolve. When you are handling sensitive data like credit card details and personal information, your users need to trust the security measures you have in place. Shopify is one of the most dependable names in e-commerce cyber security which the company invests heavily into.

Not only does your Shopify e-commerce site come with high-level basic security, but you can also integrate additional third-party security tools through the Shopify app store.

There’s a Shopify App for That

The Shopify platform comes with access to a vast library of both free and paid e-commerce plugins. The Shopify app store provides easy access to everything you need to manage your business and enhance customer experience from dropshipping and sales channels to social media, email marketing, and reviews.

Shopify Makes Payments a Breeze

Cart abandonment is a real problem for e-commerce businesses. By some estimates, as many as 70% of online shopping carts are abandoned before completing a purchase, and issues with the checkout process are responsible for the vast majority of deserted carts.

Shopify has several tools available to business owners to help them combat cart abandoners. Offering multiple payment options is one way to help reduce checkout cold feet. Not only should your business accept major credit cards but adding alternative one-click payments options like PayPal, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, or Google Pay can dramatically improve your sales.

Shopify Has Your Back

Shopify takes care of all the back-end things like software maintenance in addition to 24/7 customer support. Shopify is available anytime day or night via phone, chat, or email to help answer questions or troubleshoot issues with your e-commerce site.

Make Shopify Your Own

As important as the functionality of your e-commerce shop is, it also needs to impress users with its design. Shopify makes it easy to design a shop that expresses your brand identity with hundreds of free and paid themes.

If the bespoke design is not your strong suit, you can always choose to work with a web designer that specializes in Shopify. They should already be familiar with Shopify’s themes, tools, features, and plugins. They can create a professionally designed website for a fraction of what a custom-built e-commerce site would cost.

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