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Why Article Writing is Still the SEO Mainstay

Search Engine Optimization - 1 Feb 2013

Why Article Writing is Still the SEO Mainstay

Article Writing is one of the main components required for pertinent and focused off page optimization for a website. It continues to remain a mainstay for the industry both for diverting relevant traffic to the website as well as improving on search engine ranking through quality context links. In more ways than one, it has clearly dominated the horizon of inorganic optimization of a website.

Article Writing

There are various other forms of online writing that are trying their bit to gain the maximum visitors for a website; however, article writing clearly stands out in the crowd. Single-handedly, it fetches nearly 45% of the total visitors for a website. It not only helps in establishing an author’s authority on a subject but also generate “do-follow” backlinks for the website in question.

Branding Purpose

An article offers easy promotion of the website name through its resource. An informational and well-directed article can be a handy medium for the branding of a website. One can use the resource to highlight the products or services of a company as well.

Google Rank and PR

Article writing is a sure-shot way to generate quality backlinks to your website. Each article posted on the website helps in generating a “do-follow” link to your website. Most businesses employ SEO services in order to improve (PR)search engine rank as well as Page Rank for their website.

Increase in context links

The link popularity of a website URL or that of its internal pages can be improved with an informative and useful article. Every time an article is published on a high ranking and high traffic website, it not only improves the website’s Page Rank but also promotes its web page links. Google also easily indexes these internal pages that in turn help the website to ensure link popularity for most web pages.

Target traffic generation

A quality write up targets a certain section of the audience with respect to the business. Therefore, a directional article helps in drawing relevant traffic to a website. Therefore, the do follow links diverted to a website that are helpful for it in the long run.


Unlike other internet marketing services, article writing is a cost-free way of promoting a business and establishing authority in a specific business sphere. One can establish their credibility with the online audience and also promote their website URLs through this highly effective, cost-free medium.

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