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Why is Magento is One of the Best Ecommerce Solutions?

E-commerce - 27 Aug 2015

Why is Magento is One of the Best Ecommerce Solutions?

Using an Ecommerce platform is a great website development solution for businesses that wish to sell their products and services online. While there is a plethora of Ecommerce software available to merchants worldwide, it is important to choose a solution that fits a business to a tee right from the start.

Magento is One of the Best Ecommerce

One of the best Ecommerce solutions available for small businesses or entrepreneurs is a platform called Magento. This particular website software solution makes building an online store easy, enabling small business owners to simply point and click in order to create, launch and maintain their site. From the hosted Magento Go solution to the Magento Enterprise edition, which is highly customizable and scalable, Magento offers an Ecommerce Solution for all types of businesses.

So why is Magento one of the best Ecommerce solutions available? Essentially it comes down to the fact that it has a number of great features that set it apart from other platforms on the market. Here is a list of some of the unique elements that seem to be catching the eye of small business owners around the world:

• Easy & Intuitive Navigation

When it comes to working with software for website projects, it’s important to have a platform one can use with relative ease. Magento comes equipped with a very user-friendly interface allowing even the most programming deficient of individuals the ability to manipulate all functions of the shopping cart software.

• Saves Time & Money

For small businesses and new entrepreneurs alike, being efficient with both time and money is essential to the successful launch and sustainability of their business. With Magento being open source, it offers a colossal library of extensions which can be easily customized to suit even the most challenging of needs/wants.

• Mobile Friendly

Capturing the market of consumers who purchase via their mobile devices is a must do for businesses nowadays. Fortunately, Magento offers mobile friendly configuration, enabling businesses to meet the needs of those customers choosing to shop through the access of their handheld devices.

There are a slew of other reasons why Magento may be the best solution for online businesses and with a little time and research invested, one will understand the true magnitude of what this software platform can provide.

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