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Winning back lost visitors by remarketing your business

The moment you leave a website and continue browsing other websites, you find Google ads showcasing the products you had been viewing on the last site you visited. Why? This method of advertising, known as remarketing, allows a website to tag its pages with a special code from Google Adwords. This code then attaches itself to the browser of visitors to the site and follows them as they continue to search. In simple terms, you can continue to market your products or services through Google Ads that appear on blogs and other websites they visit after they leave your site. Remarketing is a very effective way of driving qualified leads back to your website and generating more inquiries.

Remarketing is the latest advertising option from Google Adwords that helps businesses win back up to 80% of their lost visitors!

What makes remarketing a good idea?

  • It is a phenomenal advertising option for ecommerce!
  • A first-time visitor may not act and buy something on your site
  • Bringing back lost visitors is key
  • It reminds visitors about your site and keeps your business at the forefront of their minds
  • A lost visitor is more likely to come back to make a purchase if they are reminded
  • It is much easier to bring back lost visitors than to gather new ones
  • Google Adwords uses dynamic ads that offer a sneak peek into what the user was browsing and even
    show related products

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Why should you use Remarketing with Google Adwords?

  • 96%of site visitors do not result in a sale; lost visitors is equivalent to lost qualified leads for your site
  • 70%of online shoppers abandon their carts without checking out; remarketing captures 30% of these buyers
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Remarketing is the latest advertising tool from Google Adwords that is already proving its worth for many businesses. If you want to stay ahead of the competition, then try this new method now! Contact us now to find out more about this service. We can help you get started with your own remarketing strategy and winning back your qualified leads.

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