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Monitor, Analyze, and Maintain your Reputation Online

Managing the online reputation of your business is of utmost importance in order to earn consumer approval and curb negative online reviews. Nirvana Canada considers your online reputation management aleading priority. We work on unfolding and decoding the different methodologies to ensure strong goodwill for your business in your niche market.

  • Curbing the Impact of Negative Reviews

    Use of positive reviews and good PR (Public Relations) activity helps to push poor reviews down in search engine results.

  • Converting Bad PR into Good PR

    Bad PR can be converted into good PR with regular and positive online content submissions, thus bringing good reviews to the forefront.

  • Controlling Online Reputation

    Your online reputation can be controlled and monitored with a dedicated and agile reputation management force put into action.

  • Reinforcing Brand Image

    Your brand image can be reincarnated with a fresh new zeal and colour through the use of the latest goodwill marketing methods.

Impact of Negative Reviews or Bad PR

Negative reviews can greatly impact your business online, as more and more customers are researching online to find a good service provider or to buy products. If your business is negatively rated online, or has bad PR, chances are high that people will go to your competitors for products/services.

  • 86%of buyers were influenced by negative online reviews (Dimensional Research 2013 Study)
  • 79%of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations (2013 Study)

What Can We Do?

  • Fight negative PR with good news
  • Track and analyze competitor activities
  • Counteract with positive and timely submissions
  • Run contests, polls and competitions
  • Indulge in an ongoing reputation maintenance program
  • Future goodwill marketing and brand establishment

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If you want to reinforce the image of your business or push negative reviews down the search engine result pages (SERPs), we have you covered! We can analyze the reputation of your online business and show you how well we can craft its future reputation management plan. For a quick consultation or to discuss your objectives, call us right away.

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