WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

WooCommerce to Shopify Migration

Migrating from one platform to another can seem like an overwhelming task, but with careful planning and execution your migration from WooCommerce to Shopify can be done smoothly.

When moving an established ecommerce website from one platform to another, it is vitally important to preserve all valuable data. Our expert team understands all the vital components required for a successful migration. We take the time to evaluate your current website so that we can map your data and move it to Shopify.

Shopify migration service

Our full-service Shopify migration service is a manual process, conducted by our ecommerce migration experts, who ensure that no detail is missed. Our service includes:

Data Analysis

The first step is to fully review and understand your data. We document your data types and unique data sets, so we can accurately map them to the corresponding locations in Shopify.

Migrating products

All product data is migrated, including SKUs, titles, descriptions, photos, variations, barcodes, weights, dimensions, inventory, categories, tags, and SEO metadata.

Migrating orders

Orders with complete details are migrated, including order numbers, products ordered, linked customer details, taxes and shipping paid, and order totals.

Migrating customers

Customer profiles with details including full names, billing and shipping addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses.

Migrating Coupon Codes

We carry your discount codes from your old store and set them up on Shopify, so your codes and discounts remain the same.

Migrate Tax Settings

Tax settings will be set up in your new store to match the values in your old store.

Content Pages

We can also migrate your static pages content to Shopify, creating page layouts within your theme to display your content effectively.

Blog Migration

Your blog is valuable content, not only for the information it offers to your audience, but also for its SEO value. We can migrate your posts to your Shopify blog.

SEO Data & Redirects

Preserving SEO factors is a top priority. Once the migration is complete, we will create redirects from old site URLs to new site URLs to preserve SEO Rankings, Domain Authority, and Website Traffic on Google and other search engines.

WooCommerce Migration to Shopify

Have you outgrown your WooCommerce website? Are you ready to start fresh with a modern, new design on the user-friendly Shopify platform? Shopify offers a fantastic selection of premium themes and is amazingly easy to manage for busy ecommerce sellers. If you are ready to make the move, we can help make the process as smooth as possible. There is more to setting up a new Shopify site than migrating your data and content. We can also take care of the store design and layout, and the required store settings to create a fully functional and attractive Shopify site.

With our WooCommerce to Shopify migration service:

  • Site migration is efficient and seamless
  • Product, Inventory, Order and Customer Data are fully preserved
  • SEO data and rankings are maintained
  • Redirects are added for changed page URLs
  • Three months of post-launch support are included

Why Migrate to Shopify?

Avoid expensive upgrades and bug fixes

With Shopify’s hosted solution, upgrades are automatic and guaranteed to be backward compatible, so you will always be on the latest version with no potential site or theme breaks due to an upgrade.

Scalable infrastructure

As your business grows and traffic increases, your website will automatically keep up. Long term growth and high-volume sales periods with traffic spikes will all be handled seamlessly, as the Shopify platform adjusts to your needs.

Fast Servers

Customers have little patience for slow ecommerce websites. Shopify servers are incredibly robust and fast, so your site will provide an excellent shopping experience.

Free, 24/7 technical support team

Shopify offers 24/7 support when you need it, via online chat, phone or email, so you can rest assured that your back is always covered.

SEO intact

Shopify is extremely SEO friendly, and our migration service includes your metadata, as well as redirecting all of your old URLs to their new locations, to ensure that your search authority is maintained.

2000+ Shopify Apps

Shopify is highly extensible. You can easily add further functionality to your store through the Shopify App Store as your business needs change.

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