Save your money. Obtain your goals by trading for what you already have.

Save money and reduce waste. Get what you need by trading for what you already have.

Community & Sustainability

Afeatherway is a community trading platform upon which users can barter and trade services and items with each other, without any money changing hands. Users can post what they wish for, and what they can offer in exchange.


What We Delivered

  • Website design and development
  • Photography and art direction
  • Logo and branding
  • Promotion guidance

The Challenges

The community interface needed to be simple, but the logic for the matchmaking was the most complex to achieve. We needed to create an intelligent match-making system with which users were shown offers based on their wishes. The offers needed to be sorted based on maximum matching within categories. For example, if somebody wishes for a bicycle and ten people are offering a bicycle, then the offer which meets the maximum requirements of wisher should appear at the top.


Afeatherway is an Online Sustainable Community where members can give, share, and trade to get what they need without the use of money, while creating connections in their local communities.

We created complex algorithms, based upon which the matches and offers are shown and the barter system works. The intelligent match-making system needed to be highly effective, as the whole trading/barter system depended on this functionality. We successfully executed the requirements, as well as creating an engaging custom design and intuitive user interface. The resulting marketplace is highly functional and is online with a thriving community of users.


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