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Threatening activities, such as property crimes, theft, and violent offenses disturb the peaceful environment of a community. With this website, people are now able to report these malicious activities and able to send instant notifications to all members of the website in the affected area. This Canadian website is free for everyone to use, with the mission of creating safe and stronger communities.


What We Delivered

  • Website design and development
  • Branding
  • Online promotion
  • Social media branding
  • SEO optimization

The Challenges

This website mainly needs to send instant notifications to its users based on location. Users need to be able to create an account and submit reports of incidents based on location. The company wants to meet their goal of creating safer neighborhoods and communities for people. Their online presence was not effectively communicating their purpose. Therefore, we needed to create a professional website for them to showcase their motive and provide the necessary functionality.


Nirvana Canada designed a website that clearly indicates the client’s message. We have integrated a map for location specific incidents tracking, so that people could easily view the suspicious activities happening around them. We have also added member functions, includiing log in and signup facility so that it would be easy for members to get updates and make reports of the activities happening around them. To enhance their online presence, we have handled their social accounts, as well as undertaken various SEO activities to attract traffic.


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