Unlimited Audio & Music Elements For Video Games

Unlimited Audio & Music Elements
For Video Games

VGAME is a leading online music platform that provides specially curated music tracks and audio elements for video games. It allows music enthusiasts to upload, buy, and sell music.


What We Delivered

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  • Website Design & Development
  • Photography Art Direction
  • Promotion Recommendations

The Challenges

The site needed a functionality whereby a demo/sample music can be downloaded before a user purchases a track. A small Watermarked sample needed to be generated for this functionality, which is to be created automatically when the music is added to the site.

As per the requirement, we needed a license with every music file. Existing modules were not fulfilling our requirements, so it required us to develop a custom functional module.

The music bundle had more than 100 types of music files and there were multiple fields associated with each one. We had to fill in the fields. To save composers time, we had to create a template system which would fill in the fields automatically, so when a composer uploads music, he or she does not have to fill in all the fields, as earlier choices will be auto-filled, saving significant time for music uploads.

The basic cart system also needed to be customized at our end. There are five different licenses. Without choosing the license, the user cannot checkout through the shopping cart, as it is mandatory to buy a license with every music file.

The clients also wanted it to be such that a user could upload bulk files, which contained thousand of files and data in a few Gigabytes.

From a security standpoint, it was necessary to buy the version to access music.


We have developed the custom functionality so that a watermark is added on the music when composers upload the files, and the sample are created automatically using an FFMMPEG command.

We have customized the cart module with a custom flow as well as secure it like any module.

There are now more than 2000 composers, who have listed and uploaded their portfolios on the site. The music on offer is up to more than 20,000 files.

We have implemented a bundle (album) system for the composers’ convenience, where they can add multiple music files in that bundle.

We have used an amazingly fast and accurate searching mechanism, which searches and provides results accurately. We have used Elasticsearch to make the music search easy and convenient.

Any composer can upload their music in a large volume. For this functionality, we have used feed modules.

We have executed the template system, making it easy for composers to upload complex and heavy music files.

Composers can not only request a pay-out, but they can also create a template for their music.

We have created bulk upload functionality using feed modules. This allows composers to upload thousands of music files in a single click.

The website accepts payment via PayPal and Stripe payment gateways. We have created our own custom module for these payment gateways.

The website is integrated with MailChimp for the newsletter, which the admin can manage easily.


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