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Looking for first page ranking? Need more relevant traffic and a higher conversion rate with effective SEO? To draw potential buyers to your website, you need full-proof SEO Services that are not just effective but sharp enough to cut through your competition.

What Makes SEO Services the Ultimate Choice for Your Business promotions?

  • 92% online users initiate their internet activity through search engines like Google
  • Search traffic is 300% more than social media traffic
  • 75% search users don’t bother going past the first page results
  • 78% Canadians ignore or avoid clicking on PPC ads organic rules the roost!
  • 92% of all local searches end up in a purchase or sale
  • Local search accounts for 40% of the total search
  • 54% Canadians prefer internet over phone directories to find a local service
Local SEO Vancouver

Our Nirvana SEO Vancouver Commitments:

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Vancouver SEO Services

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Five strategic pillars of our SEO Services in Vancouver

Effective SEO requires planning, research, and a comprehensive understanding of your business goals. We do our homework, so we can create a strategy that will be effective. We consider:

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  • What are you selling?– We seek to understand your products, so we can promote them in the right way, with the right keywords to get the desired results.
  • Who is your audience?– We must know the demographics of your target audience, so we can reach them and entice them to buy your products.
  • Where is your market? – A generalized marketing strategy is costly. We focus on comprehensive area-based marketing strategies to maximize your ROI.
  • How to achieve success? – Once we learn what, who, and where, we focus on how to best promote your business. Based on our findings, we conceptualize a detailed SEO plan following the best Vancouver SEO practices.
  • Why is this valuable? – As the strategy is implemented, we question why each activity is valuable, and how it is performing, to determine whether we should keep, modify, or remove it from the plan.

Your SEO Package Includes

Vancouver SEO Package

Website Audit

We start with a website audit. We review your website thoroughly to identify weaknesses, which impede user-experiences and harm search results rankings. Our experts analyze everything from the site’s structure, page speed, navigation, broken links, and content, to determine all required fixes.

SEO Keyword Research

Keyword Research

We don’t just pick easy-to-target keywords from keyword analysis tools. Instead, we research extensively using diverse keyword research tools and techniques, as well as your own keyword priorities, and provide you with a comprehensive keyword list from which to choose your targeted keywords.

On-page SEO Vanocuver

On-page SEO

Based on our website audit report and approved keyword list, we optimize your website’s URLs, content, images, and metadata to add clear keyword focus. This immediately results in improvement in your website’s performance, as some of your keywords begin ranking.

Local SEO Services Vancouver

Off-page SEO

We build high-authority links to your website from listings websites, profile websites, content marketing websites, etc. At the same time, we endeavor to improve your social media presence through brand mentions and sharing your posts.

Off Page SEO Activities

Link Clean Up

Unnatural links are damaging. They must be identified and removed as soon as possible because they harm your campaign. We keep auditing your link profile to identify and remove such links.

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Why Choose Us?

Adherence to SEO Guidelines

Unlike many SEO companies, we strictly adhere to SEO guidelines and best practices, because we believe in long term relationships with our clients. We know that if we quickly bring a website to the top of ranking results with spam tactics, the gains will be temporary and the site will lose its rankings when Google detects the spam activities and penalizes the website. We know that SEO is a process that takes time to achieve stable, lasting results and we are honest with our clients.

Not Limited to Ranking Only

We are not focused only on your website’s organic ranking for targeted keywords, but also on your ROI. While we take the responsibility for improving your keyword search rankings, we also look at the impact on your sales. Successful SEO is about more than rankings – if higher rankings and increased traffic are not resulting in more sales, we want to figure out why, and make changes to your website to improve conversions.

Proven SEO Services

We are not just talk and no substance. We have been doing SEO Vancouver for more than a decade and served thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises over these years. We have many long-term SEO clients and glowing testimonials from them about our outstanding services. In fact, many of our clients have returned to us for future projects and have referred us to others.


Our business collaboration and SEO services are transparent. We send you a detailed monthly report explaining the activities we did and how those activities benefitted your business, so you can track your results and your ROI.

Be Found Online in Local Search Results with Local SEO

Whether you are doing business in Vancouver, Surrey, Calgary, or elsewhere, you will want to be found in the top local search results. This is where local SEO Vancouver comes in. Local SEO Vancouver brings your website to the top of local search results and Google maps listings.

Local SEO Services in Vancouver

Why You Need Local SEO for Your Local Business

  • Your visibility in local search results will improve
  • More people will visit your website
  • You will get more sales leads
  • The likelihood of conversions will increase, because local searchers are more serious buyers
  • Your customers will create more sales opportunities by posting their reviews about you

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