Website Maintenance Service Packages

Reliable, effective website maintenance service dedicated to maintain and boost your business.

We believe strongly in offering you ongoing support, which is why we offer maintenance packages to assist you with any changes – big or small, whenever they arise – without having to quote or charge an escalated hourly rate for what might be just a simple 15-minute update to your site.

Choose a plan that better suits your requirement.

How it Works

  • Packages are pre-purchased blocks of hours, wherein the more hours you buy, the more of a discounted rate it is.
  • Packages are good for one year from purchase, and you can request updates at any time.
  • When you have an update, send us the details and we’ll take care of it within 24-48 hours.
  • We keep a detailed log of all updates and accounting for time spent which we can provide to you whenever you like.
  • We track our time by the minute under your block of hours, so will never charge you “an hour’s time” for what was only a 15 minute update.
  • We quickly become familiar with your website and how it works, making ongoing updates more efficient (saves you money).

What We Consider to Be “Maintenance” Work

Typical types of website updates might include:

  • Adding new content (images, video, new pages, etc).
  • Designing visual elements (need a new banner image, a new button, promo graphic, etc).
  • Technical assistance (you need help doing something yourself on the website).
  • Technical updates (updating your WordPress version or plugins).
  • Troubleshooting (repairing broken code or formatting).
  • Etc

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