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3 Smart Ways to Get Quality Reviews on Amazon

Internet Marketing - 6 Mar 2017

3 Smart Ways to Get Quality Reviews on Amazon

Smart Ways to Get Quality Reviews on Amazon

Having positive online reviews for products you are selling on Amazon can prove to be quite a powerful sales force for your business. One thing to be aware of, however,is Amazon’s update to their TOS, which essentially prohibits any reviews which come through external review groups.

Amazon has placed this restriction in an effort to prevent people posting fraudulent reviews and to help clean up the online review ecosystem. So how do you get quality reviews on Amazon, while still abiding by Amazon’s online reviews guidelines? Here are 3 smart ways you can go about getting legitimate and honest reviews:

1.Provide Top Notch Product Information

If you want others to voluntarily provide a review on your products, make sure to put some effort into describing your products with accurate descriptions that are clear to understand and do not contain typos. In addition, include high-quality photos of products, so that consumers can clearly see what they are buying.

2.Include A Friendly “Feedback/Review” Insert

Although Amazon does not permit sellers to forwardly request a five-star review from customers, you as a seller are permitted the option of including a “feedback/review” insert along with customers’ packages. Providing an attractive, eye-catching insert that gently invites customers to provide honest feedback is an effective means of connecting with consumers and enhancing the odds of getting online reviews.

3.Send Out Follow-Up E-Mails

While Amazon does auto generate a generic e-mail to consumers who have recently purchased items, you as a seller should take an added step to reach out to recent customers who have just purchased products from you. An effective way to encourage online reviews from your recent purchasers is to deliver a follow-up e-mail a few days after customers have received their items. Your follow-up e-mail should come across as friendly and non-pushy. Personalizing follow-up e-mails can also be an effective way of encouraging buyers to provide positive reviews.

While Amazon is itself a highly credible online marketplace that people tend to view as a trustworthy source for purchasing products, reviews on Amazon for your products help greatly in terms of sealing the deal with potential buyers.

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