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4 Smart Ways to Use Instagram to Enhance SEO

Social Media Marketing - 5 May 2017

4 Smart Ways to Use Instagram to Enhance SEO

4 Smart Ways to Use Instagram to Enhance SEO

Behind every business in today’s modern era, social media plays an instrumental role in promoting the business brand and targeting customers. Some of the key players in the social media realm include Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Instagram.

Instagram, while it differs from other types of social media options (a social platform based on visual elements, such as photos and videos, which are accompanied with engaging temporary content), it has the greatest user engagement rate compared to other social media channels.

Although Instagram is steadily rising in popularity among online marketers, some companies have not embraced Instagram for promoting their business brands and enhancing SEO for their businesses, likely due to the fact that they simply don’t realize how powerful Instagram can be as a marketing tool.

Here are 4 Smart ways companies can use Instagram to enhance SEO and the company brand:

1. Post Top-Notch Quality Content

In order to convert followers into customers, make a point to include high-quality digital images and video that represent your company brand, products and services, and corporate culture.

2. Create Hashtags

In an effort to gain rankings over other competitors, businesses can create hashtags,unique to themselves, which if promoted correctly can engage users and promote the business brand.They can also use hashtags that are trending to add themselves to the conversation, providing they have something relevant to contribute. Adding hashtags, along with a promotional photo/video contest, topics of interest to online audiences, at the peak viewing time throughout the day or night can help your posts reach a wider audience.

3. Advertise Instagram Icon

To draw online attention, advertise that your company is on popular social media channels, such as Instagram. Include an Instagram icon on all of your websites, social media platforms, and printed materials (ex. business cards).

4. Use Simplicity for Advertisements

When including Instagram ads it’s best to err on the side of simplicity by including a single high-quality photo, accompanied with an easy to find direct link to the product advertised.

This year, according to emarketer, it is expected that 71% of company brands will be on Instagram. This rise in popularity among social media platforms makes having a strong Instagram presence essential to all online businesses. Using Instagram for visual marketing enables companies to remain competitive, build followers and enhance SEO performance.

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