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Effective Website design tips for direct conversions

Website Design - 4 Nov 2011

Effective Website design tips for direct conversions

Do you feel your site is trailing behind or you are not getting relevant conversions?

Yes, this happen when certain significant things are not taken into proper consideration in website design. People only search for creative and user friendly website. So when they visit a site it must be that strong to come up with their expectations. Our Custom Design services help to build reliability of your brand or services for the required conversion.

As a matter of fact, no website on the internet is only to entertain visitors. Their prime concern is conversion or direct sale. This can be attained through a dynamic website.

Let’s check out certain effective tips for Website design which will finally ensure you with a good return on investment.

1.    First and foremost is to make prominent navigation it helps to understand things at a quick glance. Set your navigation up and properly in accordance with the usability and the utility. A clear navigation can bring users attention quickly.

2.    Always Strive for feature exposure to focus users’ attention: Website includes both static and dynamic content. It is always certain aspects of the user interface that attract attention more than the other features.  Eye catching images, content bold and other such tricks are more attractive than plain text to gain rapport with your visitors right away.

3.    Keep a simple domain name for better search ability and catch user attention.

4.    Strive for simplicity: An uncluttered website is always a viewer’s attention. So keep it simple as you can with lesser images and other unavoidable things. Do not clutter your site with ads. In a cluttered site users will not pay attention to your text or notice your call to action.

5.    Make sure your links work, as nobody is interested in clicking certain links in the website that says ”the web page is no longer there”.  So be cautious in inserting clickable links. A page not found will not generate more users to your website. Do not forget to use a link-checking tool to ensure your links work properly before the final launch. In addition to this, do check for broken links.

6.    Optimization: Optimize your loading time, TITLE, META tags & links.

7.    Prioritize browser compatibility: One of the most important things is Browser Compatibility.  Make sure your browser is compatible for quick screening. The common mistakes developers often do are while creating the site in a single browser and assume it looks the same on all of them. But it is not so. Do check it on other browsers as well.

8.    Make your page visually appealing, which caters a lot of viewers attention:

9.    Content: Developing a new website requires time and patience. You must always keep content fresh and original. The content should be presented in a readable, easily-accessible way, not just for the benefit of visitors but for search engines too. Besides, make the content interactive and do check the content with a word processor.

10.    Use of white space: Do not to clutter the page with too many images, backgrounds and colorful fonts. You must try to minimize the use of images. Keep simple designs that are effective for the web.

11.    Plan your tagline: With a creative tagline you can ensure your website’s tagline will be visible any time of the day.

12.    You must not squander users’ patience by filing up long forms etc.

13.    Use consistent typefaces and sizes: You must always use readable and professional looking fonts and sizes. It is mandatory to maintain a consistent font style and text size. In addition to this, you must keep page sizes and content manageable.

14.    Resolutions – As per the resolution your website must cater to different screen resolutions. At present computers range from 640 x 480 to 1024 x 768 and go even higher. So a designer must check it is compatible for all different resolutions.

15.    Use a consistent color scheme: The colors of your site have a significant impact on readability. Do not overdo the website with 20 different colors. For example if your website is on diamonds, then use such formats which will look visually appealing:


16.    Keep your page structured: A structured page is always a viewer’s choice. If it is systematically structured then it requires less time for a viewer to understand and implement.

17.    Test: Last and not the least, you should test the website in a regular manner. As test is an iterative process, it is mandatory to often test it and before the launch for a better visibility.

Some Dos and Don’ts while designing a dynamic website

  • Don’t make users think
  • DONT: Just place boxes everywhere
  • DO: Focus on what’s important
  • DONT: Place irrelevant ads across your page
  • DONT: Write one paragraph per page that is 1,000+ words long
  • DO: Optimize your load times
  • DO: Choose the right color scheme
  • DO: Choose the right fonts and sizes
  • DONT: Have 5 different fonts in 10 different sizes

Lastly, it must be taken into consideration that the motive of designing a website is to have market presence and hence sale; so the design should be such that it directly market your site. Developer must add their pages to search engines for better visibility. Always bear in mind over advertising is not a boon. So avoid that.  Do remember building credibility and readership takes time.
You must always develop an easy and simple user-friendly website that is affluent for customers to purchases. Consequently your business website must be actively managed for your proper business optimization and growth. And here your WEBSITE has a very significant role. This is where Nirvana Canada can help you to take your online business to the next level with a perfect Website design solution.

For all your specific Website Re-Design and internet marketing services requirements contact our business development team now!


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