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Getting Started with Effective Blogging Practices

Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing - 19 Dec 2012

Getting Started with Effective Blogging Practices

Blogs are cost-effective and don’t take much of a set up time, but the attention that they receive is grand!


Today, blogs are emerging as one of the strongest yet economical tools for internet marketing and PR. One can engage a wide section of their target market, reach out at a lightning speed, make an impact through the “social” blogging network and also retain the existing consumer base with updated company information. All this and much more await the current and future bloggers who insist that company blogs are a key. And yes, they are!

Blog Monitoring

Reading quality and relevant blogs of your industry is keeping the best foot forward in the blogging world. One get to read what others are discussing about in the industry, latest trends, understanding your niche market, reading about your market reputation and lastly, about the products that you sell or the needs that you cater to. This careful observation and monitoring helps in getting a fair idea about the current trends addressed to by the industry bloggers, feedback generated on these blogs and also learning about proper blogging etiquettes and nuance. One is bound to make fewer mistakes and become a careful blogger with proper observation and understanding of the existing and top ranking blogs.

Blog Commenting

Another important step towards becoming an effective blogger is to use the art of participating in an on-going discussion. It aids in strengthening one’s opinion, assists in grasping the pulse of the online media and starting an interesting and fruitful dialogue. One can leave interesting yet constructive comments that can initiate a healthy discussion. However, it is imperative to choose blogs that are relevant to your industry, authored by quality and reputed bloggers, heavily followed by industry veterans and consumers and that discuss a contemporary issue or subject matter.

Blog commenting also assists in creating a niche for a business. It can create and present their view point in the form of a comment and chain of conversation before creating their blog.


The next and final step is to create interesting and engaging blogs that are informational, credible and reflect your opinion right from the very beginning. You can shape your opinion and give them the form of a blog. The blog need not sell a product or service. It might not even talk about your company. It could easily focus on any given industry issue, problem, latest trend, a fun incident, a series of projects, conversational and thought-provoking or just simple talk the talk with the readers!

In the process of churning out quality posts at a regular pace, it is important that the focus gradually shifts on answering what the readers have been questioning in comments and also providing credible information to the points raised in earlier blog posts. A chain of blog postings and keeping the readers glued to your space on the Internet is what good blogging is all about! At the end of the day, don’t forget to share it with your large circle on endless social networks. As it is said, nothing spreads like a viral social message!

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