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Interactive Marketing – The Future is Here!

Internet Marketing - 17 Sep 2012

Interactive Marketing – The Future is Here!

A quality client service model is one that revolves around the objectives and goals of a client. For a business to realize its true potential on the Internet, it is important that it understands its core business objectives, its current position, niche market trends and also makes futuristic planning. Interactive marketing is based on this fact and aids in developing a marketing approach based on a customer’s recent purchase or their preferred purchases or choices in future.


Interactive marketing is different than internet marketing; although the Internet is used to implement interactive marketing. The process of understanding a customer’s point, recording its action and developing services to suit their future requirements is referred to as interactive marketing. It is also called  trigger based marketing as the response of a customer towards a business idea, a message, products or a service shapes the future approach of the seller or service provider to serve their customers better. This form of marketing, where the customer is seen as the main trigger for improvement and changes in a present style of marketing and service is gradually becoming popular and thus being incorporated into internet marketing solutions as well.


With the impetus being laid on a customer’s feedback and their response to a brand campaign, or a product or service, interactive marketers can use their opinion and their reaction for brand building. One can further react to a customer’s actions by developing more customer-friendly services. One of the examples in this regard is interactive property management. If the customer has a better experience through viewing the design and construction process of a new property, dynamically accessing the growth ratio around the area such as civic amenities, then he is in a better position for making a decision. Similarly, there is interactive marketing seen in the feedback forms and surveys that are used to offer a more individualistic offer to a customer on an e-commerce site. Wish lists and preferences on are among the closest examples.


With a customer being the focal point of the approach, interactive marketing helps in serving the customer better with more involvement of the end user. For creating a brand or service that is tailor-made to fit a customer’s desires, interactive marketing is the future! Customer participation is encouraged and the target market itself facilitates in the building of a branding name. Hence, the brand that is finally presented is for and by the customers. The two-way communication process ensures that no concern or feedback goes unaddressed and better customer experience is guaranteed. Hence, it is a complete win-win situation for both the service providers and seekers.

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