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Is It Possible To Measure Social Media Marketing ROI?

7 May2011

Is It Possible To Measure Social Media Marketing ROI?

by Admin in Social Media Marketing

This question often draws attention as ‘How return on investment is possible with Social Media Marketing?’ Every marketing firm’s basic concern is to acquire a tremendous amount of ROI, with their implemented plans. The question is How?


Well, to deal with such crucial facts, Nirvana Canada recently indulged in a targeted ROI survey. The survey turned out to be effective, as it brought many relevant points to the front. There is often a tussle between marketing people and financial people to score for better ROI in a short duration. While they fail to understand certain things such as:

• The marketing schemes implemented, have expiration dates, that works for long term

• Many marketing campaigns work to construct a emblem in order that the business resides peak of brain in the consumer(which remains as the main factor, which do not work in the long run)

• Being a new marketing media, yet the right tools to measure its ROI simply don’t exist.

People need to understand SMM and SMO strategies that are implemented to build web links, engaging, interacting and building a network. Though it is difficult to measure ROI, this does not imply social media contribute to the bottom line.

Success in social media is possible with gradual changes and proper implementation methods. The key factors in social media are build relationships with potential customers, clients, prospects and other stakeholders. The relevant issues you need to take care of while implementing a social media marketing campaign

• Social Media Optimization: Optimization is an important tool in Social Media Marketing. The benefit of optimization in content and other perspective is to drive traffic, which is relevant and interesting to your audience. As a result, it helps in linking strategy in SEO.

• SMO works best with participation: To sum up, it’s always the combination of efforts that knocks the success door. A new client may have read your newsletter, forums or blog connected with you on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, and followed your blog before signing up for services. Here though the lead came up, but difficult to track or measure it.

• So it is very important in social media to utilize as many social tools that are available. At the end to you never know, what will at the appointed time that final decision to buy your product or use any specific services.