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Subtle Approach to Convert Visitors into Buyers

Internet Marketing - 4 May 2013

Subtle Approach to Convert Visitors into Buyers

A website beaming with calls to action on every landing page can be a real put off! Expecting your visitors to click on the “Buy Now” button after reading an embellished intro to your website is a little too much. The moment the visitor understands that you are trying to mean business, there is a high possibility that they will run away from such an approach.

One can have a website with a lot of information in it and choked with calls to action; however, such a website is not always successful. Going all out at drawing in the visitors and making them buy a particular product, is a salesy approach to throw a product at their face.


Subtlety is the focal point for converting visitors into potential buyers on the site. It is the new approach identified by the internet marketers to knock the door of the subconscious mind of website visitors and produce a result out of them. With every passing day, customers understand the different techniques being employed by businesses in getting a successful click on one of the offers on their websites. If you want a visitor to buy a product, a mere “Buy” sign will not do the trick! One needs to go subtle with an “add to cart” sign or “create a wishlist” that gives more value for the time spent by the visitor. Therefore, it is important to engage the visitor on the site while going subtle in marketing.

The smart customers understand that the businesses are here to make a profit. But, they also understand that they will be served with quality and satisfactory products/services only at a cost. Therefore, with this being in the minds of the customers, the marketers can approach them by making them believe that the product is what they want and not what the website wants them to buy.

Make them identify with the products

Every visitor wants to find a product that they can easily identify with. It could also be a service or any information for that matter. A website that helps you find your personality, your need and your aspiration is the one that you are most likely to stay on. It is important to give them a good value for their time and then go by the sales book tactics.

Touch their Emotional Side

This could be as simple a difference as “buy a gift for mother’s day” or “This mother’s day, tell her that you care”. Both the sentences have the same connotation but make a different impact altogether. A website that appeals to the visitors emotionally makes a firm ground for itself in the hearts or rather the subconscious minds of the visitors.

Interesting is Interesting!

If you are wondering what this phrase means, then it is a simple “yes” that works. Ask the visitor certain obvious questions such as “do they need a good website”, “are they tired of poor car repair services”, or “are they looking for the right mortgage broker”. More often than not, these questions open to a yes and make them read the web page and probably click for a solution as well.

Therefore, it is evident that a ‘right into the face’ approach is passé as customers get smarter and the need for a more subtle approach is what can convert them into buyers.

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