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Top Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014

Social Media Marketing - 30 Nov 2013

Top Social Media Marketing Trends in 2014

This year social media has been the real icing on cake for the online marketers and businesses. It will be interesting to know what leaps it will take in the coming year. 2014 holds a lot of promise for social media and online marketing and the fine line between social media and SEO will be finally erased.

The coming year will witness more focus on content marketing as a strong tool to turn the fortune for many brands. The dominance of hashtags in searches and the growth of mobile marketing are supposed to be the highlight of the next 12 months. The online market would also witness the easy acceptance of social media into digital marketing. There will be a shift of focus of business strategies towards social media to make the most of the opportunity.

When Social Media Meets SEO

In the initial stage of social media marketing, social media was considered as a separate entity from search engine optimization. However, with time search engines are considering social media activities for the generation of the search results. Therefore, the small business owners stand to benefit from this change. These businesses make prolific use of social media in order to reach out to the masses and turn prospective customers into buyers. If they add anything on their Facebook business page or on Twitter, that will be taken into account by Google.

The amalgam of SEO and social media will lay impetus on the consumer behavior online. The social media marketing will ensure that SEO learns a lot from what the consumers are talking about on the social networks, what they are pinning, what they are sharing, what they are posting and so on. One of the simplest of examples would be that images would definitely make more rounds on the social networks than a few words. Pictures will take over words in the coming year.

The above mentioned and many other trends will rule the New Year. 2014 will definitely mark the dominance of social media and how the tweets and posts rule the online marketing scene.

Nirvana Canada brings you an infographic that proposes some of the top social media marketing trends for 2014.


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