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Why Take Your Business Online?

Social Media Marketing - 11 Dec 2009

Why Take Your Business Online?

Cometh online era! Cometh online business!

With the consumer base shifting to the virtual medium, businesses have found a more expansive market and wider reach in the form of Internet. The online medium is slowly getting stalwart importance in comparison to the other forms of advertising.

Online Business Today, internet is not confined to the nerds or to the younger generation. From kids to grown ups to the experienced lot, everyone is online! Unlike the puritan times, people not only surf online for information, emailing or chatting but also for buying. There has been a steady increase in the buying behavior of online surfers.

The staggering current trends of online marketing reveal that there are nearly 90% online surfers who use search engines on daily basis. Out of these, there are as many as 60% who surf online for product information, product reviews and even for booking online. Hence, going online is always a beneficial move!

In addition, today online businesses are using the Web 2.0 platform for enhancing user interactivity on the business sites. This results in a direct increase of relevant traffic to their sites. Hence, there has been an increase in user interactive features like Online Video-Voice Chat, Question and Answers, Blogs, Forums, User Reviews, Product Articles, Product Photo and Video Sharing and much more.

With the expansion of social networks and inclusion of business profiles and open online business promotion through social media and B2B listings, more and more businesses are eying the local as well as global market as per their niche market and demands.

Hence, the next time you plan to get more eyes and ears for your product or service and also manage instant feedback, get a quick website or start promoting your business using your favorite online social networks. Good Luck!

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