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10 BIG Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Online Marketing - 26 Nov 2015

10 BIG Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Your Business

Social media marketing has become one of the key elements to online businesses marketing strategies and overall online success. Every day businesses globally are recognizing the importance of social media and how it plays in terms of their growth and revenue and are taking advantages of using it for marketing their business.

In order to shed some light on the importance of social media marketing here are 10 big advantages for your business:

1. Saves On Marketing Costs

Other than investing your own time, marketing via social media is a cost-effective means of getting your business brand out to the masses.

2. Improves Customer Service

With social media channels, such as Facebook or Twitter, it’s easier to address consumer concerns in a timely fashion, as it takes little to no time to respond.

3. Enables Consumer Connectivity

With any business, it’s important to get to know your customers, in order to better understand their needs and provide products/services accordingly. Social media facilitates consumer connectivity with your business, humanizing your brand.

4. Promotes Brand Reliability

Social media is an extremely public stage, so if your business provides great user experiences, customers will likely leave positive feedback on public forums, which is a great way to instill brand reliability among consumers.

5. Can Provide A Competitive Edge Over Competitors

Taking advantage of social media enables you to connect with consumers organically and if managed well can help your business surpass those of your competitors.

6. Ability To Create A Unique Online Personality

One of the great advantages to social media is the ability to add unique characteristics of your business brand and share it amongst your followers, essentially showcasing your unique online personality.

7. Enables You To Target Specific Audiences

Various social media channels like Facebook and Twitter enable you to target specific audiences (geo-targeting) based on age, location, interests etc.

8. Facilitates The Search For New Consumers

Through the use of a geo-search, you can use social media channels such as Twitter to locate people who may have tweeted an interest in finding a product that just happens to correlate to what your business offers.

9. Enhances Seo Ranking

A byproduct of social media marketing is an increase in traffic, which in turn results in enhanced SEO ranking.

10. Improves Conversion Rates

Due to social media emanating a human element, people are more likely to follow through on purchases, improving business conversion rates.

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