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10 Ways to Update Your Website in 2021

Search Engine Optimization, Web Development, Website Design - 7 Dec 2020

10 Ways to Update Your Website in 2021

Update Your Website in 2021

If 2020 represented adversity, than 2021 will hopefully represent a time of opportunity for businesses that have struggled throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Lock-downs, shifting demand, and changes in consumer behavior have all forced business to adapt, but as we begin to emerge from this time of uncertainty, 2021 would appear to be a make it or break time for those looking to compete in the digital marketplace.

The shift toward ecommerce and digital solutions was already well underway before the pandemic struck. However, necessity accelerated these changes, and now businesses who have not kept up with this digital movement must adapt or risk being completely forgotten. To that effect, there are 10 specific areas where businesses should concentrate their efforts in order to gain the most advantage and remain competitive in a rapidly changing environment.

Modernize Your Branding

Your brand is more than simply your logo, it is the essence of who you are as a business. And while your brand is telling your story, it should also resonate with your intend audience. Your brand extends past your logo and provides a cohesive, constant, and recognizable template for the rest of your website. To remain relevant, your brand should leave users with a strong, lasting impression.

Refresh Your Website Design

Updating your branding is also a good opportunity to refresh your website design. First impressions matter, and web users are increasingly selective of the websites they browse. A good user experience is key to increasing website traffic and conversions, and your website design is vital to improving user experience. The focus should be on intuitive navigation, clear design style, engaging copy, and high-quality images.

Update Your Content

What your website has to say is just as important as how it looks. If you have been hanging on to poorly written or outdated content, it may be time to refresh it. Not only will updating existing content give you a credibility boost, it can also give you a rankings boost.

Social Media

Never underestimate the power of social media. As a marketing tool, social media is one of the most cost effective ways to spread your message to the largest audience for the least amount of marketing spend. Focus on quality, engaging content, and include links to make your content and website sharable across all social media platforms.

Mobile-Friendly Browsing

Compatibility across multiple devices is no longer an option when it comes to your website – it’s a must. Online browsing and shopping are set to overtake desktop, and with the market share split between Apple and Android, your website need to run smoothly across all devices. Progressive web apps (PWA) are a cost efficient way to ensure a positive user experience for users accessing your sites from any connected device.

Up-to-Date Technology Stack

Your technology stack is the fundamental elements that power your online business, your website, or your apps. If you are relying on outdated technology, you are not only running below your full potential and limiting your scalability, but you are leaving your website open to security risks.

Marketing Automation

Take advantage of marketing tools that work for you 24/7, without dedicated staff. Marketing automation can manage personalized, targeted email offers, social media posts, and ads, without any direct input. These tools have been proven effective in driving traffic and with little to no effort required – not taking advantage of marketing automation could be costing you in lost sales.

Optimize Your SEO

Your SEO strategy is one of the most important tools at your disposal for increasing your website traffic, however many businesses are not using SEO to its full potential. Meta tags, title tags, and targeted keywords can all give your website a boost in both online searches and organic web traffic.

HTTPS Security

After years of cyber-attacks and security hacks, consumers today are much more guarded with their personal information. Keeping your website secure helps to ensure credibility as a business and promotes trust with your users.


Some things may be worth the wait, however web users are not inclined to hang around to find out. Studies have shown the website load times have a direct correlation to conversions, with 40% of people abandoning a search if a page takes longer than 3 seconds to load. And slow speeds may doubly affect conversions, with slow speeds also directly reducing your Google ranking.

2021 is not the year to play wait and see, this is the year to invest in your business and provide yourself with the tools you need to succeed. As more and more business emerge from an uncertain market, where you position yourself today will have a huge impact on where you are in 2022.

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