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4 Facebook Advertising Changes We Will See in 2017

Social Media Marketing - 30 Jan 2017

4 Facebook Advertising Changes We Will See in 2017

Facebook Advertising Changes We Will See in 2017

As the largest and most popular of social media channels in the digital world, it isn’t surprising to know that Facebook is a great platform for advertising businesses. The amount of exposure online businesses can gain via Facebook advertising is immense and, as it is a cost-effective and easy marketing strategy to use, it is no wonder that businesses utilize Facebook advertising.

As with everything in the world of technology, social media channels such as Facebook constantly move forward with changes and updates to meet both consumer and business needs globally. We have already embarked on a new year and Facebook advertising will bring some significant changes that will affect online businesses advertising via Facebook.

Here are 4 Facebook advertising changes of which to be aware:

1. Facebook Advertisement Limits

In an effort to ensure that Facebook’s advertising platform never becomes over saturated with advertisements, Facebook took it upon themselves to set an ad limit. Facebook is expecting to reach this particular limit at some point this year.

2. Cost Increase For Facebook Advertising

Once the Facebook advertising limit has been reached, you can expect there to be a subsequent increase to the cost of advertising via the Facebook platform. This means that online businesses will need to set aside additional funds for Facebook advertising in 2017 and beyond.

3. Learning And Training

With all of the constant changes to Facebook advertising strategies, processes, guidelines, etc., you should expect to set aside some additional time for learning and training on the new updates relating to Facebook advertising.

4. Video First Approach

Facebook favors video as a means of communicating and interacting with online users. In 2017, Facebook will continue to place focus on optimizing their platform for video, so we should expect to see greater distribution of video and, in future, sophisticated video elements, such as virtual reality-type content.

Utilizing Facebook as an advertising platform can help boost your online business’ ROI significantly. If you keep up on the latest Facebook advertising changes and make sure to review your ad revenue metrics regularly, you are sure to get the most bang for your advertising buck.

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