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4 SEO Tips For Maximizing Facebook Visibility

Social Media Marketing - 13 May 2015

4 SEO Tips For Maximizing Facebook Visibility

When it comes to online marketing, SEO is a key ingredient for effectively broadcasting business brands to the masses. Using Facebook as a secondary source for a home page, coupled with effective SEO techniques,can be a highly effective means of using free advertising to gain customers.

More and more Facebook pages are appearing in SEO results and with over 1.2 billion people on Facebook nowadays, online businesses are beginning to realize the importance of maximizing their Facebook visibility.

There is,however, still a misconception in the virtual world whereby companies don’t believe they need to optimize SEO on their Facebook page to the level of that of their business website. This could not be further from the truth, as SEO searches are producing results not only from Google, YouTube, Yahoo and other popular search engines, but increasingly often via Facebook pages.

Here are 4 SEO tips for maximizing Facebook visibility:

1. Add Keywords to Facebook URL (USERNAME)

Make sure to choose a page name carefully, combining a fine balance of what users would consider to be an easy to remember URL and what keywords would benefit SEO rankings. An example would be a flower shop named “Daisy’s” using a URL such as “”

2. Pick Wording Carefully on The “ABOUT” Section of The Business Facebook Ppage

It will be the first 75 words in the “about” section on the Facebook wall which online users will be able to immediately view and search rankings will be affected by, so it is advantageous to add keywords and/or include the company website link.

3. Keep Content Fresh

Make a point of regularly updating the business Facebook page as it provides a new trail of breadcrumbs for search engines to crawl and index the page, all while engaging online viewers and attracting both new and repeat customers.

4. Optimize Photos for Facebook Pages

Including a caption that contains keywords and a description of the image, along with the company website link will help draw in additional consumers to the digital front door of your online business.
The more advertising channels e-Commerce businesses can utilize the better, as more exposure is sure to attract more business. Make sure your Facebook page is doing all it can for you by optimizing its content.

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