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4 Steps to Increase Your Leads on Facebook

Social Media Marketing - 21 Mar 2016

4 Steps to Increase Your Leads on Facebook

Generating and attaining qualified leads is an extremely valuable accomplishment for any business, small or large. When it comes to trying to increase your leads, you need to direct your efforts to where potential consumers gather. These days, most online users can be found gathering on social media channels, particularly Facebook.

Facebook offers great leverage for any business wanting to attain a steady stream of leads. Here are 4 steps you can take to increase your leads on Facebook:

1. Create A Facebook Page

The initial step is to create a professional and comprehensive Facebook page that mimics your homepage on your business website (essentially a shortened version). You’ll want to ensure to capture your business brand essence, the business message you wish to convey to your audience, contact information and your corporate logo. Always make a point to check for spelling/grammar errors, as your Facebook page needs to be just as professional as your company website.

2. Consider Hosting A Facebook Chat

A creative way to engage potential customers and generate feature leads would be to consider hosting a Facebook chat. This can be a very powerful lead generation component, as it gets people talking and conversing with you. Make sure to use chat topics which are educational and useful and steer away from tacky sales chat.

3. Consider Creating Events For Informative Webinars

Much along the same vein as hosting a Facebook chat, consider creating events for informative webinars from your Facebook page, to generate engagement and leads. This creative marketing angle helps you narrow down on your target audience, giving you a more granular list of leads.

4. Use Analytics

In order to get some idea on how well your existing Facebook page is performing in terms of attracting leads you should utilize robust analytical tools that can extrapolate useful data, which can tell you how many times your page is receiving click throughs and other useful information about your leads (demographics, age etc.).

While these may just be 4 out of many other ways to increase your leads on Facebook for your online business, they are helpful strategies for attracting more attention from consumers.

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