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5 Quick Ways to Improve Local Search Rankings

Internet Marketing - 15 Jun 2016

5 Quick Ways to Improve Local Search Rankings

For any business which serves its target audience through a local location (clinic, hotel, law office, etc.), conversion rates can be improved by leveraging the power of local search marketing. Local consumers are more likely to be attracted toward the products, or services offered if the local search ranking status of a business is consistently high.
No matter how advantageous it is to take advantage of local search marketing, not every business owner knows about this powerful strategy.

Defining Local Search

Before utilizing the benefits of local search marketing, it is important to understand how search engines serve the local targets with relevant results.
Whenever a search query is placed in a browser, the search engine considers the location of the searcher when offering him results in the search results page.

For instance, when someone searches for ‘Web design Vancouver’ in, the local results will contain the most reputed companies of web design in Vancouver, as per his location.
The search results that show up in the map results are local search results & it is more likely that the searcher will reach the associated websites, look for the information/product/services he is seeking & contact the businesses who appear in these results.

Now the question is: Why do only a few websites reach these top positions of the local search results?
The short answer is that they have used effective search engine optimization methods to improve local rankings. Given below are helpful ways to improve your rankings in local searches:

1. Add a Google Business Listing

Creating a Google business listing is like informing Google to add your business to its directory based on geographical location & other details. After entering the complete business related details, they will be verified at Google’s end. Similar to Google, listings can also be placed on Yahoo & Bing.

2. Specify Local Contact Number & Address

A common fault that is found when business owners make their business listings online is the use of incorrect information, or inconsistencies in their information.

Any local search query will lead to unsuccessful results and missed opportunities for conversions if the given contact information isn’t correct in its form. For instance, if the business phone number added in the listing is without the area code, an interested searcher may not be able make a contact with the business owner. As well, if the phone number has changed, keeping the information updated is extremely important.

In all of the local directories, it is very important to add a valid, local contact number.
Similarly, consistent business address, short description and URL of the business website need to be added in the local listings to have an effect on overall ranking of the website.

3. Add Local Contact Details On the Website As Well

In modern times, almost every business form is reached through a well-designed website, as well as through other means. Along with the engaging design & targeted keywords on the website, it is important to add the contact details of the local business on the website. It will make it easier for website visitors to contact the business & will also have an effect upon the local rankings.
Most business websites have the local business details shown on the ‘contact’ page of the website, but the phone number may also be displayed prominently on the header, while the address may be in the footer, as well.

4. Create Location Specific Web Pages on the Website

A wide reaching business, which has a number of offices, or commercial spaces in multiple regions needs to have location specific web pages to make an impact in the local listings. With such pages, it will be possible to target business related keywords for respective locations & improve the local search rankings.

5. Add Testimonials & Reviews of Satisfied Clientele

Statistical data of surveys done to analyze the behavior of customers making purchases online shows that reviews & testimonials affect customer intentions and actions. A trust factor is what makes a product/service desirable & reviews by satisfied customers attract other customers too.

In terms of improvement of local search rankings, reviews are very important. A large proportion of online purchases made from local businesses are based on the satisfactory reviews of previous customers, or clients.

It is best to ask for reviews from customers after they have made purchases from the website, or local business, so the reviews are solidly based on the genuine experience of the customer and the quality of the products.

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