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5 Reasons You Need a Fresh Website for 2020

Website Design - 19 Dec 2019

5 Reasons You Need a Fresh Website for 2020

Website Redesign

2020 is just around the corner! It’s going to be an exciting new year and your visitors look forward to something new and appealing – why not surprise them with a modern, professional web design? The best gift this holiday season for your business may be a fresh, more enticing and user friendly website. If your website lacks value for visitors or it is not responsive, then this blog is for you.

Maybe you have never thought of investing in a website redesign, thinking it’s an unnecessary waste of time and money. But you are going to need it – not only for your existing clients, customers and visitors, but for new prospects too. Having an attractive web design is a significant investment, as it will help you reap a myriad of business benefits in the long run. Don’t forget that the first impression of your business that many of your users get will be based on what they see on your site; so you need to provide them with something valuable in return, i.e. a new, appealing, and intuitive web design.

Still not convinced that you should opt for the redesign? Here are five significant reasons why you may need to put a spark in your website for 2020:

1. You Website is Not Mobile Friendly: Prospects nowadays extensively rely on their smartphones to buy products or use services. Considering this fact, you need to make sure your website is mobile responsive. If it isn’t, then you may be losing out on a significant number of leads and potential clients. Why? Because if they can’t use your website easily, they will look elsewhere. It’s as simple as that! Therefore, your business must have an interactive website if you want your users to enjoy a seamless shopping experience, or even if they’re just learning about your services and reaching out through a contact form on your site.

2. Convert a High Number of Leads: All businesses share a common goal: More sales and leads. You think that your site is informative, but it lacks appeal, so it isn’t converting prospects into leads or customers. So, you need to return to your landing pages and add calls-to-action (CTA). Even optimizing conversion funnels will help you find out where they are lacking.

There may be several reasons why your website fails when it comes to converting more leads. Perhaps your landing pages are complex to understand, the content seems vague, or users have a hard time finding what they need. Make sure you make vital changes to exert a pull to draw users into the sales funnel.

3. Brand Identity and Logo are Outdated: Of course, it is critical to have attractive branding. But what about representing your company’s brand identity? It should be consistent on the company website. Also, if you have rebranded your company lately, you must update your site to show these changes.

An outdated design will fail to attract and hold users, and this is the reason why you need to breathe new life into your website. Who would want their users to land on their page and leave immediately? It is good to take all the necessary actions to ensure that your site is appealing and useful to each user visiting it. When reviving your website, know that a rebrand is not only about your logo and colours, but the content and language used on the site. You don’t want users to feel that the content or language does not seem like it came from the company. Users prefer doing business with a company that has a thought-provoking and compelling message and a website which users find easy to navigate.

4. A Great User Experience: Your website is no less than a passionate salesman who is active 24/7. Aside from representing your business, it has the potential to be a useful asset. Keeping this in mind, you need to ensure that it’s user-friendly. UX (User Experience) plays an imperative role in the success of any website. After all, it’s all about the quality of the experience users get when navigating through the site.

Your website must have easy navigation if you’re looking forward to converting more leads into prospects or customers. Complicated navigation will cost you leads, as visitors will lose patience and look elsewhere.

Choosing a website redesign will work to your advantage, as it will focus on creating a satisfying user experience. Are you looking to improve your UX? To begin with, consider understanding the users’ behaviour, as well as defining your website goal. In the end, decide on what action you want your users to take and design your site to make it easy.

5. The Major Goal of Your Site Has Changed: Your sales and marketing evolve as your business grows. You need to ensure that your website is connected with your new goals if you want to take your business to the next level. Doing so is not an easy victory, but it’s crucial if you’re going to succeed with your online business platform. It is good to keep reviewing and updating your site quarterly, to ensure that it’s working in line with your specific business goals.

If your goal is to provide unique and compelling content that helps you generate leads, including CTAs (calls-to-action) on the home page and other pages will help you accomplish your goals. Periodically evaluating the effectiveness of your CTAs will help you ensure that they remain relevant and effective.

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