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5 Tips on Designing Great Newsletters

Online Marketing - 19 Sep 2015

5 Tips on Designing Great Newsletters

Businesses these days need to employ a multitude of powerful and creative marketing techniques in order to keep ahead of their competitors. An effective and cost-efficient marketing tool companies should consider using to grow their business are newsletters. Designing great newsletters can be challenging for those who are unfamiliar with what essential components should be included.

Here are 5 tips on designing great newsletters that will entice consumer attention and increase revenue for your business:

1. Target Your Audience

Ensuring you keep your newsletter relevant to a targeted audience will reduce the odds of your newsletter ending up in someone’s virtual deleted items folder and increase the likelihood of engaging consumers for the long run, resulting in higher ROI.

2. Use Creative And Relevant Subject Lines

Given the immense amounts of mail people receive on a daily basis, it’s important to flex your creative muscles when crafting subject lines for your newsletters. Try to come up with short, punchy subject lines which are relevant to topics at hand.

3. Use Fresh Content

Providing yesterday’s news to your audience will deter people from reading your newsletters. People want to be apprised on what’s hot today and tomorrow. Great newsletters should include industry news along with your own businesses insights and tips that can be shared amongst your consumer base.

4. Use Visual Impact

Using standard, run-of-the-mill clip art in your newsletters will not attract the eyes of readers. In order to prevent instant disposal of your newsletters, ensure to include high-quality, attractive photos which tie into your content and overall newsletter theme.

5. Include Consumer Incentives

A great strategy for keeping readers devoted is to include offers such as consumer discounts for newsletter subscribers. This keeps potential customers excited and engaged with your newsletter and increases the chances of having your newsletters shared with others.

When constructing great newsletters, these 5 tips serve as a great starting point. Enhancing your company’s reputation, fostering consumer relationships and increasing lead generation can all be accomplished through well-crafted newsletters. Newsletters have been in use for many years as a valuable marketing tool for businesses from all types of industries and they still to this day provide a powerful and strategic form of communicating and marketing business deliverables.

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