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5 Top Website Trends for 2016

Website Design - 12 Apr 2016

5 Top Website Trends for 2016

The web design industry moves just as quickly as the world of technology. In order to have that added edge over your competitors online, you should take the time to keep yourself informed on what the latest trends are in terms of website designs.

While we are already a quarter of the way into 2016, it’s not too late to become familiar with the latest website trends for this year.

Here are 5 top website trends for 2016:

1. Oversized Images

The use of stock photos remains popular this year in website design, but the addition of big, beautiful, custom images works effectively for attracting viewer attention and makes your pages much more attractive.

2. High-Quality Video

Thanks to technology advancements, Internet speed is no longer a hindrance when it comes to adding video to websites. Websites can now include quality video clips which emanate a cinematic experience for viewers. Video is a very popular way to convey corporate stories, or messages to potential consumers.

3. Stylish Typography

Large and bold fonts will continue to dominate the pages of websites, however will now be mixed with creative and beautiful type fonts, striking a balance between readability and visual appeal.

4. Unique illustrations

Connecting with online users can be achieved by adding a personal touch throughout your site. Going beyond video and large images, website designers in 2016 will be looking to add customized illustrations/sketches to their pages, as a lot of illustrations/sketches have a personalized hand-drawn appearance.

5. Single Page Website Design

With so many people these days accessing information via their mobile devices, website designers are focusing on user experience and moving in the direction of designing single page websites. It is often much easier for people to scroll downwards on a site to get information they are after than to click on links on a small screen and wait for another page to load and open.

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There are a number of website trends that are available for consideration in 2016. You likely will not incorporate every trend within your site, but you can take notice of what the latest trends are and from there, choose what you want to incorporate within your site to give you the added advantage over your competitors.

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