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5 Ways A Mobile App Can Increase Conversions

Mobile Optimization - 14 Dec 2015

5 Ways A Mobile App Can Increase Conversions

Running an e-commerce business these days is no easy feat, given how competitive today’s e-commerce market is. In order to stand a chance for online success, companies must utilize as many marketing strategies as possible.

In a world where consumer behavior has changed so much, with customers expecting convenience, quick results and an overall greater user experience, e-commerce businesses have to step up their game when it comes to meeting the needs of today’s consumers.

Mobile technology has become that essential marketing tool for all kinds of businesses who want to promote their products and services to potential consumers ahead of their competitors. Although there is some time and cost involved in the development of a mobile app, it can be a worthy investment, as it can increase conversions.

Here are 5 ways a mobile app can boost sales:

1. Always Present

Unlike other forms of business marketing, such as a website, brochure, commercial, etc. a mobile app is always present with consumers, serving as a subconscious reminder that the products and services they desire are only a few touchscreen steps away.

2. Provides Convenience

Mobile technology has taken the consumer market by storm and has become a key element of convenience for people in the way they live, work and play. If consumers are able to conveniently access what they want in terms of goods and services they are more likely to follow through on purchasing.

3. Engages Consumers

Designing a sophisticated mobile app that enables user interactivity will draw consumers to use the app and do so repeatedly, resulting in engaged consumers and repeat conversions.

4. Introducing Latest Products And Promotions

Through the use of “push notifications” via mobile apps, businesses can quickly announce their latest products and promotions to its consumer followers. These automatic sales nudges catch consumer attention and entice buyers to use the mobile app.

5. Reinforces Corporate Brand

Designing a mobile app and adding it to the arsenal of other marketing strategies is how online companies can reinforce their corporate brands, leaving a lasting impression on their consumer followers. Companies which are well known and recognized amongst others in the e-commerce crowd not only attract online shoppers, but retain them as dedicated consumers years down the road.

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