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6 Smart Ways for Designing Ecommerce Sites That Sell

Website Design - 25 Oct 2016

6 Smart Ways for Designing Ecommerce Sites That Sell

Smart Ways for Designing Ecommerce Sites That Sell

Designing e-Commerce sites that sell can be a tricky endeavor for many and all too often people move forward with designing their e-Commerce site without careful planning beforehand. With the right techniques, you can design your e-Commerce site to be a profit generator for your business.

Here are 6 Smart ways for designing e-Commerce sites that sell:

1. Avoid Overcrowding Your Pages

If you occupy every inch of your pages with content, ads, images, etc. You will only end up overwhelming your website visitors. Try to strike a balance by strategically placing visual elements that will capture the attention of online users and incorporating white space to provide some visual division.

2. Consider Sizing Of Visual Elements

It’s natural for the human eye to be drawn to the largest object on a website page first before noticing other smaller elements and textual content. In order to steer potential buyers towards products you want them to purchase, make sure to scale these product images larger than the others.

3. Keep Calls To Action Clear

In order to guide online visitors towards the process of purchasing items, you’ll want to make sure that each call to action indicates a clear goal on what you want potential buyers to do. Do you want them to take on a “free trial”, “subscribe to newsletter,” or “buy now”? Making clear calls to action will provide a less confusing experience for site visitors and improve the odds of them becoming customers.

4. Optimize For Mobile Access

Designing e-Commerce sites for mobile access is a must these days, given that so many people now shop for goods and services from their mobile devices. Try to capture the important elements of your desktop version of your website and incorporate them on your mobile site. Make sure that your mobile site is easy to navigate and is optimized for all sized hands.

5. Display Testimonials

Potential buyers are more inclined to purchase products from an online website that has positive testimonials from previous customers. Make it a point to display testimonials on your home page.

6. Include A “Contact Us” Page

People like to know that they have a way of reaching the company from which they are buying in the event they have an inquiry, or an issue with their order. By including an accessible “contact us” page, you are providing peace of mind to site visitors.

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