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7 Mobile App Development Trends to Know for 2021

Mobile App Development - 14 Dec 2020

7 Mobile App Development Trends to Know for 2021

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Smartphones have changed significantly since the introduction of mobile phones 30 years ago. No longer simply used as an on-the-go communication tool, cell phones are now in integral part of everyday life, and advancements in technology will continue to change the way we interact with these mobile devices. Not surprisingly, mobile app development has become an area of extreme interest for businesses looking for ways to better connect with and serve their customers.

There are currently an estimated 31.38 million smartphone users. With a population of just over 38 million, nearly 83% of all Canadians now own a mobile device, and that number is expected to continue growing. In order to capitalize on this massive market, smart businesses are investing heavily in creating cutting edge mobile apps that will help ensure growth today and well into the future. Fresh for 2021, here are some of the mobile trends developers are most excited about.

Artificial Intelligence

The better you know and understand your audience, the better you can tailor your apps to deliver what the user wants. Engagement is a key measure of how users are responding to your web apps; AI can help analyze user behaviour and deliver important information on what is working, and more importantly, what isn’t working.

AI can also help to improve the users’ experience by delivering tailored information and personalized messages based on location and previous app usage.


Connectivity hasn’t only changed the way we interact with our mobile phones. The IoT (Internet of Things) has transformed the way we connect with a growing range of devices, from smart home systems to smart watches, and this trend may very well be the catalyst that takes mobile app development into the next generation.

Mobile app developers are increasingly turning their focus to creating apps that perform across a wide range of devices, and smart businesses should be looking for developers that can deliver this multiple device functionality.

Cloud Based Development

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s the importance of being able to work from home or work on the go, and in either case, cloud-based development has proved to be the solution. In addition to providing convenience and flexibility, cloud-based apps eliminate cross-compatibility issues and provides seamless database integration. With simple streamlined sharing, no heavy downloads, and quicker delivery times, the popularity of cloud based apps will only continue to grow.

Instant Apps

One common feature that nearly every mobile user shares is the desire to have app like functionality without the actual app download. While instant apps cannot replace the full app experience, it does allow users to experience basic app functionality, satisfying those who do not wish to download, while encouraging others who enjoyed the experience to get the full app.

Thanks to immediate access, instant apps are quickly gaining momentum as a digital marketing tool, one that will not be going anywhere anytime soon.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

This emerging trend has already been eagerly embraced by some of the biggest names in technology. With heavy investment from giants like Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Facebook, demand for AR and VR applications has soared.

Mobile app developers are leveraging these trends into providing an enhanced user experience, and increased sales, for businesses across a wide variety of sectors, and demand is expected to grow exponentially over the coming years.


Combined with powerful, predictive AI technology, chatbots are changing the way that businesses interact with customers, by providing instant, real-time communication capabilities and personalized recommendations, without the need for direct human interaction.

Mobile app developers are continuously finding new ways to leverage this technology in order to deliver an improved user experience, while providing businesses with access to important chatbot collected user data.

Preparing for 5G

Fast is everything when it comes to satisfying mobile users, and developers are all over this trend. Expected to be the new norm within the next few years, 5G will help business satisfy the increasing demand for resource-rich apps and features by providing lightning fast download speeds and zero lag.

5G will give mobile app developers the freedom to incorporate a wide range of features and functionality into their apps, with no fear of costly delays.

Make Your Investment Count

If you are considering upgrading or creating a mobile app in 2021, make your investment count by incorporating today the technologies that will help shape tomorrow.

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