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7 Red Flags That Indicate Your Website Needs a Redesign

Website Design - 2 Aug 2017

7 Red Flags That Indicate Your Website Needs a Redesign

7 Red Flags That Indicate Your Website Needs a Redesign

Your website is the primary artery to broadcasting your business brand and connecting with potential buyers online. If you’ve had your website designed quite some time ago, it may be time to consider a redesign of your website.

If you aren’t too sure whether your website needs a redesign, consider these 7 red flags that indicate it is time:

1. Your Website Design Looks Out of Date, Compared to Your Competitors

If your website design doesn’t include any up to date design trends and it falls behind the eight ball in terms of look and design, compared to your competitors, it is a sign that your site needs a redesign.

2. Bounce Rates Have Increased

If you’ve noticed your bounce rates have increased, this is a strong indicator that something isn’t working well for your site visitors, and changes will need to be done to your website.

3. Page Loading is Slow

If your website pages are taking longer than a couple of seconds to load, you will want to redesign your site so that it can be optimized for faster page loading.

4. Search Rankings are Poor

If you’re finding it difficult to locate your website via popular search engines, then so are your customers. With a website redesign, you can incorporate popular keywords, relevant meta-descriptions, etc. which will enhance search ranking performance.

5. Your Site Is Not Mobile Friendly

Mobile search by today’s consumers is consistently on the rise, so if your website is not mobile friendly you will want to redesign it to be so.

6. Your Business Brand Has Changed

If your business brand has undergone some reconstruction, but your website has remained the same, you will need to update your website, so that your branding remains consistent.

7. Your Website Is Broken

If you are finding a number of broken links, or error codes, throughout your webpages, this can be a true tell sign that your website needs work.

If your website does not meet the needs of your customers or your business, your website needs a redesign. A stale website will only result in loss of profit for your online company, so it’s worth investing some time to redesign your site now.

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