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Advanced Sign-in security for your Google account

Online Marketing - 15 Feb 2011

Advanced Sign-in security for your Google account

In today’s generation where there exists a world of advanced technology being implemented in every sector, we are very well versed with the fact and are familiar with the term called “hacking.” The Hackers are the ones who wreak havoc and cause damage or access your personal data pertaining to your photos or personal documents. It is apparent that you would not want your personal data to be accessed by an unwanted entity.

So, in order to prevent your account being hacked, we would recommend you not to use the same password for your multiple sites. If one of those sites gets hacked by an unauthorized person where you reuse the same password or your password is conned out of you directly through a phishing scam, then it can be used to access some of your most concealed information.

We rely on entrusting our information to a password, but we know that some of you are looking for something that is more reliable. So, considering the security of your most closely-held information, Google has developed an advanced opt-in security feature called “2-step verification.” It makes your account secure by verifying that you are the real owner of your account.

2-step verification requires two independent factors for authentication of account: your password and a code procured using your phone. It significantly improves the security of your Google account because it requires a strong combination which you are only aware of – your username and password.

You have an option of choosing “Remember verification for this computer for 30 days” and you won’t need to re-enter a code for another 30 days. You also have the privilege of setting up one-time “application specific passwords” to sign in to your account from non-browser based applications that are designed to ask for a password only.

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