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Advantages of AngularJS Web App Development

AngularJS Development - 30 Nov 2020

Advantages of AngularJS Web App Development

Advantages of AngularJS Web App Development

AngularJS is one of the most popular frameworks used today in the creation of high-performance, feature-rich SPA (single page apps). Users appreciate the lightning fast, highly responsive, native feeling apps, while businesses value the speed, security, and scalability that comes with apps developed with AngularJS. But why are more and more developers flocking to AngularJS?

Web developers often favour a particular framework, just like we have preferences for how we take our coffee or beliefs about whether pineapple belongs on a pizza. However, one thing that most web developers can agree on are the advantages of using AngularJS for web app development. Developed and largely maintained by Google, AngularJS is an open-source JavaScript framework that perfectly combines high performance, usability, efficiency, and testability, making it the framework of choice for a growing number of developers.

Easy to Learn and Simple to Use

Two reasons to prefer AngularJS: it’s easy to learn and intuitive to use. AngularJS is based on HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, making it simple for any developer with knowledge of these languages to develop using AngularJS. Intuitive and descriptive HTML template language allows developers to create dynamic apps with less code to write.

Two-Way Data Binding Reduces Code Requirements

Two-way data binding, a key feature of AngularJS, makes development quicker and easier. With two-way data binding, any changes made within either the view or model mode are immediately synchronized with no intervention required from the developer. Two-way data binding also simplifies DOM manipulation, reducing the amount of code required to translate and update DOM requirements.

MVC Made Easy

AngularJS utilizes an MVC (model-view-control) architecture, however unlike other JS frameworks which require developers to stitch together MVC through strings of code, developers using AngularJS simply split the code and allow AngularJS to function as a connecting pipeline with no need for additional code to merge them together.

Declarative Language

Another key feature of AngularJS is the use of declarative HTML language. Rather than using imperative language to provide detailed instruction, simple declarative language merely describes the necessary result. This allows for more intuitive and lightweight code; simply put, developers can do more with significantly less code required.

Code Reusability

AngularJS also allows for the reusability of code. This distinctive feature allows developers to save time and speed up development by re-using, and customizing as needed, code that has previously been written.


One of the key features that that separates AngularJS from other frameworks is the ease of testing, with the ability to conduct both end-to-end and unit testing. AngularJS is the only framework that offers the ability to test throughout the development process, reducing potential time delays at the end of development. AngularJS testing features also resolve dependency issues, further reducing the time it takes developers to test and resolve application errors.

Filters and Built-In Directives

AngularJS comes equipped with important filters such as order by, numbers, etc., that reduce coding requirements for developers. And, in addition to ready to use filters, AngularJS also delivers added functionality through built-in directives that allow developers to create and use custom HTML elements.

AngularJS Increases Speed and Productivity

Perhaps the greatest argument in favour of web app development in AngularJS is the ability to provide rapid delivery times and more efficient use of resources. Higher speed in the development process, thanks to the MVC structure and modularity, which allows for parallel workflows, combined with faster, easier testing, mean the web apps developed in AngularJS can get to market quicker, without requiring the use of additional resources.

Improved Server Performance

Due to its lightweight code and condensed nature, AngularJS is a good choice, particularly for mobile and web browsing. Because AngularJS supports caching, in addition to other techniques that decrease the number of processes sent through the CPU, AngularJS won’t bog down servers and slow down performance during periods of heavy traffic.

Faster Prototyping

Thanks to many of the features we have discussed, a favourite feature of AngularJS for both developers and clients is the ability to create highly functional web app prototypes in very little time, with less code required. This makes it quick and easy to gather feedback and make changes without causing costly delays.

AngularJS has given developers the tools required to create ultra-fast, user friendly web apps on a framework that allows for significant freedom and customization, while still reducing the amount of code required. With this impressive combination of features, it’s no wonder that AngularJS is the most widely used front-end framework today.

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