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Audio Visual Elements for Interactive Websites

Website Design - 22 Sep 2011

Audio Visual Elements for Interactive Websites


A website can become user-friendly and help in portraying the right face of a business with the help of a few important conversion checkpoints. Audio visual elements are among the important checkpoints that are required on a website. They not only provide an attraction element to the websites but also help in creating a long lasting impression on the end-users.

There are different audio visual elements that can be incorporated on a website and help in promoting the different aspects of the business, the products and services through these audio visual elements.

Some of the major audio visual elements used on a website include


Flash-based banners as well as static banners help designers in portraying the service or product of a company through interactive banners inclusive of product links, calls to action etc.


The use of service videos, demo videos, product videos, customer AV testimonials and various professional videos can be added to the website for better understanding of the business or engaging the visitors on the site.

Photo Galleries

The use of photos in the different photo gallery formats such as static gallery, manual or semi-automatic gallery or fully automotive, Flash-based gallery and even Java-based galleries such as Photo carousel or product carousel galleries can be used to depict product images, theme-based website images in an attractive manner and help visitors in easily finding products or information on the website. In case of service-oriented sites such as travel sites, photo galleries with detailed links, location descriptions can also be useful. The use of attractive property listings on property sites or the use of picture galleries for latest products or arrivals is also important.

Quality web design company incorporates the right audio visual elements at the right places on a website. The strategic placement of a photo gallery is as important as the placement of a service video in the top half portion of the website.

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