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Creative Ways of Making Your Video Content Work Harder

Content Marketing - 13 Nov 2015

Creative Ways of Making Your Video Content Work Harder

When it comes to having a successful online e-commerce business, you have to have effective strategies in place to attract, engage and entice visitors to come back.

A professional looking website with, relevant content and optimized for mobile users, is a great start to establishing a secure footprint in the e-commerce market, but when it comes to standing apart from the competition and building trust among potential consumers, adding video is a great option.

Using video on your website works well for grabbing the attention of online visitors, delivering your corporate message, setting you apart from competitors and increasing conversion rates, etc. Apart from just creating and launching a video to your site, there are also some creative ways of making your video content work harder, to help in driving your company success even further.

Here’s how to start making your video content work harder:

Develop and Action a Video Marketing Strategy

Prior to putting together your corporate video, you should be putting together a comprehensive video marketing strategy, which outlines what goal(s) you wish your video to achieve, know who your target audience is and where they are viewing from.

Track Success Metrics

It’s important to measure and assess the success of your video, so that you can take any necessary steps needed for improvements. Tracking important metrics, such as how many visitors have viewed the video, how many conversions have resulted as a result of calls to action via video and what is the ratio of visitor engagement, are all important statistics needed in order to effectively measure how successful the addition of your video is.

Distribute Amongst Social Media Channels

An excellent way to broaden your reach to other untapped markets/viewers is to distribute your video amongst relevant social media channels, so your video content is captured by suitable audiences. Social media, if utilized well in cooperation with great video content, can definitely drive video to viral status.

In order to attain ROI on your video, (which can be a rather costly marketing tool), it’s worth it to develop a video marketing strategy and utilize ways of making your video content work harder.

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