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Desktop Notifications for E-mail and Chat Messages

Internet Marketing - 3 Feb 2011

Desktop Notifications for E-mail and Chat Messages

We always want to be informed when a new e-mail hits our inbox. But, somehow we tend to lose the touch because we cannot stare at our Gmail window all the time even though we are online or we just cannot keep it open and the other reason could be we can’t stay online for good.

Google has launched HTML5 desktop notifications that display pop-up windows whenever a new message arrives. Now, you do not have to miss on your new message or any important message that lands in your inbox because you would be acquainted with the tool in no time.

You should use Google chrome in order to make the most of “desktop notifications.”

1)    You just have to login to Gmail using Google chrome and then click on settings that would be in top right corner of your of your inbox.

2)    Click on General tab and locate the settings for “desktop notifications”.

3)    You can then customize the settings according to your requirements whether you want to get notified for chat messages and email messages or important messages.


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