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Effective tips for landing pages to increase your conversion rates

Internet Marketing - 18 Oct 2011

Effective tips for landing pages to increase your conversion rates

Research shows around 93% of B2B buyers use internet for any buying process. So it is imperative for you to be where the buyers are? For this you need to create creative and compelling landing pages that prospects want to research.

For any website it is the landing page that acts as the face value for any conversion. Either you are on the web for promotion, sale or brand awareness, any visitor with a vision will stay on your site for a few seconds. That few seconds decide whether your prospect stays or close the page, which is completely based on the landing page appeal and information. It is very crucial to have an effective landing page to increase your conversion rates. Here the question arises how would you increase the effectiveness of the landing pages?

At this point, we put forward certain tips and methodologies to make landing page more effective as per SEO point of view.

Few Points to Be consider

  • Title: A suitable title is always the key to reach your target.Must include specific character limit in the title to reach the SEO terms and conditions if you want a quick online presence of your brand.
  • Description: The description you have given in the source code must be short, crisp and descriptive which grab the attention and SEO friendly.
  • Design: Find out the best practices for designing landing pages, including which layout, templates and graphics to use.
  • Keywords: Your landing page must be keyword rich. If the visitor came to your site through PPC campaign then you must include those keywords in the landing page. Do not forget to include keywords in the title and header.
  • Content: Must be keyword rich, no duplicacy and avoid using long paragraphs and sentences. Remember you are required to grab attention of your visitor within 8 seconds; hence short sentences with bullet points are preferable. TRY to convey your message in short and crispy manner.
  • Images and Videos: Try to showcase your product or services in the form of attractive images and videos so that it becomes easy for any visitor to understand at a glance.
  • Try to put the main and important keywords or sentences on the above fold of the page.
  • Social media Plug-ins: Certain buttons such as social media plug-ins like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and most importantly call-to-action link or the button should be promptly displayed on the landing page on the above fold of the page.
  • As you cannot expect the visitor to scroll the page up and down or side-wards and click on the button.
  • Forms: People are not interested in filling long forms which requires lots of information. If you like to keep any form make it crisp and easy so that the prospects do not close it without filling it. Ask limited questions which are mandatory. You can keep dropdown or radio buttons for various options to fill so that the visitor need not type everything.
  • Test Resolutions: Always remember to testthe landing pages in different resolutions. Possibilities are there if resolution changes then the call to action button might go below the fold. It is required to check the overall process for each and every resolution.
  • Download time: Try to minimize the download time of the landing page. If it takes more than average prospect will exit from your website and move away to a different window. Possibilities for long download time are due to use of heavy image or flash elements. So avoid!
  • To gain trust: For this if your site accepts PayPal payments then show the logo in the bottom or near the “Buy” button. This will focus on your authenticity and prospect will be completely reliable for his purchase.
  • Testimonial: Moreover, to gain trust Testimonial plays an important role. Try to incorporate a strong testimonial of your last client in the landing page. Besides, you can add your award or recognition from brands to make it more effective.

Lastly, to succeed in all your attempts you have to put forth certain tests on different landing pages. This can be acquired by A/B testing where you will get the results. You can further check the status through Google Analytics for the landing page bounce rate, conversion, lead, traffic – the overall data. A close research through various tools can help to analyze either the text/image/link properly optimized and utilized to get result oriented conversions.

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