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Ever Wondered What Every Color in Your Design Mean?

Website Design - 21 Jun 2013

Ever Wondered What Every Color in Your Design Mean?


Is the red your color? Or you think that yellow reflects you the best? Or, your business is best reflected by blue or you like the impressive purple? Colors are expressions and colors make an impact on the way you perceive, think, on your mood and even your energy quotient. If you thought selecting the right color for your website was an easy task, then read on to know exactly what each color means or signifies.

Colors are expressions and colors make an impact on the way you perceive, think, on your mood and even your energy quotient.

website design companies consider color to be one of the integral parts of the website design. It has the power to hold our attention, draw out emotions and even lead us to react in a particular way while visiting the website. More so, if there is a corporate website to be created, then the correct selection is the key to creating the brand image being aimed at by the company. An effective as well as a consistent use of the same color pattern or theme throughout the website and other online marketing material, helps in establishing a strong brand image for the corporate. People easily recognize with the familiar look of the website and the use of colors in its every appearance and marketing material.


What is it with the COLORS?

Wondering how a color can actually make a person stay on your site for long or just go away in seconds, then think about the positive message that you get from a website. Green websites that reflect nature or the red and pink for a wedding site, are all part of the color psychology used by the designers. A professional design company would know how to encourage sales or induce excitement in the minds of the site visitors through the simple use of the right colors.

Make sure you take a look at the following main colors and what do they mean…


•    A favorite with limousines, car rentals, corporate, music, reflects elegance, formal setting, mystery, power and authority, strength, intelligence, even evil and grieving

•    Also reflects anything that is elegant, serious, sophisticated, mysterious and conventional


•    Wedding bells and catering services love it! It reflects purity, peace, cleanliness, truth, simplicity, neutrality, spirituality, positivity, and so on.

•    Also reflects anything new, simple, clean and pure.


•    Flowers, gifts, greetings and celebrations love the colors! It reflects comfort, full of life, intellectual, energizing, happy and gay, optimism and even cowardice

•    Also reflects young, bright, cheerful, and eye-catching.


•    Fresh and festive color! It reflects emotions such as enthusiasm, creativity, cheerfulness, stimulation and even affordability

•    Also reflects warm and welcoming, festive, excited, inspiring, and friendly.


•    One of the favorite colors, reflects strength, boldness, determination, excitement, passion, love, desire, danger, risk, blood, aggression, war and more.

•    Also reflects power, dynamism, energy, romance, seduction, passion, rebellious nature, hot, fiery, eye-catching, and attractive.


•    A favorite for nature lovers and green Earth, it reflects safety, optimism, freshness, nature, money, wealth, fertility, peace, support, durability and so on.

•    Also reflects adventure, athletics, luck, safety, masculine, and reliable.


•    Mostly associated with aqueous nature or a corporate set up, it reflects depth, professionalism, honor, trust, wisdom and so on.

•    Also reflects peace, formal, corporate, firm, educated, clean, technical and free.


•    A favorite for women and cosmetics, it reflects power, prosperity, wealth, nobility, mystery, royalty, luxury, elegance, wisdom and also respect.

•    It also reflects intelligence, art, feminine, fragrance, and melancholy.

The next time you have a design project in mind, make sure to refer to this piece of information.

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