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How an Investment in Website Design and Development Makes Your Business More Profitable

Web Development, Website Design - 18 May 2021

How an Investment in Website Design and Development Makes Your Business More Profitable

Website Design & Development

To get the most out of your business, you have to invest in your business. You are already putting in the time and energy promoting your product or service, but what about your business website?

When it comes to attracting customers and clients, you cannot underestimate the importance your online presence plays. 87% percent of shoppers begin their search for products or services online, regardless of whether they buy online or in-store. If your business isn’t taking advantage of online exposure, you could be missing a significant opportunity to attract new consumers.

Don’t miss out on sales simply because your website isn’t doing its job promoting your business. A small investment in website design and development could yield revenue streams you’ve been missing out on.

Here’s how website design helps drive traffic to your business, both online and off.

Boost Your Visibility

Have you ever wondered what it takes to land first on SERPs (search engine result pages)? It’s not luck; internet search engines use many signals to rank pages, and most of these signals relate directly to the development and design of your website. If you know how to incorporate SEO (search engine optimization) principles into your website, you can rank higher on internet searches and increase your exposure, simply by building a better website.

Research shows that 75% of people won’t scroll past the first page of results. Fortunately, with the right tools, anyone can land on top, regardless of the size or scale of your business.

Provide a Better User Experience

Appealing to online shoppers isn’t much different than engaging in-store shoppers; you just have less time to do it – 50 milliseconds to be exact, according to recent research. To make sure users aren’t navigating away from your page as soon as they arrive, you need first to impress them with your visual content, and then keep them there by providing an exceptional user experience.

Good website design is way more than just looking nice. Everything about your website should invite users to explore your page. From the visuals to the navigation to the copy to website speed, they all need to work seamlessly together to provide the ultimate user experience. 48% of people report that website design is the most important factor for evaluating a business online, and 38% said that they would leave a website they found to be unattractive or poorly designed.

Take advantage of eCommerce

The pandemic-inspired eCommerce boom shows no signs of slowing down, even as in-store shopping has reopened in most areas. By 2024, global retail eCommerce sales are expected to reach nearly $6.4 billion, up from $4.3 billion in 2020.

What this means for businesses not already taking advantage of digital channels is that now is the time to invest before you risk getting left behind by the competition. Ignoring changes will not stop them from coming, but failure to keep up with innovation could result in irreparable damages to your company, as even lifelong clients move on. And unfortunately, once clients leave, it is very difficult, and very expensive, to get them to come back.

24/7 Marketing and Advertising

Whether you run an eCommerce business, a brick and mortar establishment, or both, using your website to feature your business is essential to drawing in new customers. Your website promotes your business 24 hours a day; it never sleeps. Your website is your opportunity to showcase your products (with lots of visuals), provide essential information about your business, engage your audience, and ultimately get them to buy.

Combined with a good digital marketing strategy, your website is one of the most cost-effective ways to attract new customers and increase sales.

Investing in your website now can help ensure that your business can continue to meet the demands of a rapidly changing retail environment. The question isn’t whether your business needs a well-designed website; it’s how much does your business stand to gain from having one.

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