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How Can a Website Recover from Link Networks?

Google Update - 10 Dec 2013

How Can a Website Recover from Link Networks?

Linking is an important aspect of search engine optimization. It plays a crucial role in ranking the websites. Every website owner is in a rush to get higher rankings. In order to get more traffic to the site, business owners and webmasters take short cuts and use link networks. These networks can be an article network, a site network or a blog network. However, Google does not encourage this practice and penalize the websites that try to get large quantity of links with the help of paid link networks.

Google has recently busted a private link selling service Anglo Rank and penalized it. Penalty notifications are sent to the websites that were involved with it. To understand why Google penalized such a link network site and what are the consequences on the website that are linked to it. Let us discuss the entire spectrum of link networking.

What is a Link Network?

Link network is a group of website that is connected together. There can be a single owner of all these websites or multiple owners.


You have to be vigilant enough to find out if you are connecting to a linking site or not. Some sites list their partner sites or display a badge or a network name. However, some sites may offer links claiming that they are not associated with a network.

Issues with Networks

Google penalizes all such link networks who sell links and your site could be the victim of it, if you base your link foundation with a network. Google devalues and de-indexes all such sites adopting the shortcut to get more links in less time. The biggest issue with networks is that there are many low quality content sites with a lot of cross-linking and duplicate social signals.

Google Directs

Google has strict guidelines for link building. It warns against any type of automated link creation through software programs. Linking to a network is also an unnatural way of getting links and hence, Google discourages it.
If you assign a SEO company to promote your site, make sure that they do not link your site to the networked sites for more links in less time. Do not invest your money that will lead to attract Google’s penalty.

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