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How Can Node.js Benefit Your Online Business?

Node.js, Web Development, Website Design - 18 Nov 2019

How Can Node.js Benefit Your Online Business?

Benefit of Node.js

Node.js has become one of the most preferred web development frameworks with more than 15 million downloads every month and more than a billion package download requests every week. Many globally recognized brands such as,,,, eBay, Walmart, Yahoo, PayPal, GoDaddy, Microsoft, and General Electric are based on Node.js. The reason behind its popularity in the web development world is its high-speed, highly scalable web server, and cost-effective nature. Moreover, it can help an online business to yield great results.

Know Node.js first:

Node.js is a free, open-source server environment built on Google Chrome’s JavaScript Engine V8. It was first developed in 2009, and its latest version is v0.10.36. It can be used on numerous platforms, such as Windows, Linux, Mac, OS, and UNIX. It is used to build different types of applications, such as web application, web servers, real-time chat applications, and Rest API servers. With its more than 60,000 modules in the Node Package Manager, it is capable of providing an edge with a shared repository of dynamic tools and modules. Node.js uses JavaScript on the server, and it creates, opens, writes, reads, deletes, and closes files on the server. Also, it can collect data and add, modify, and delete data in your database.

The Benefits of Node.js for Your Online Business

Using Node.js for your e-commerce application will give you access to plenty of ready-made plugins. These free plugins are generally available on GitHub. These plugins allow you to speed up the development process and reduce the application development cost.

Node.js provides consistent data streaming. HTTP request and its response are two different events in the world of website development. The Node.JS reduces the request and response time;thus, the processing of files becomes faster and easier.

Node.js enables you to add real-time communication features to your application,which can boost your sales.

Node.js comes with a proxy server that can streamline the process of gathering data from different channels, such as ecommerce website and apps.

Coding in JavaScript becomes easier with Node.js. With Node.js, your developers can code in JavaScript for both users and server easily, which allows easy data transfer between different servers and users.

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